Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Banner ;)

Thought it was definitely time for a new banner ;)

BTW we have 130 followers! Thank you guys so much, you're AWESOME!

Do you like it?

Love, Bella ♥

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Selling Stardoll clothes on eBay: The new trend?

So...I got the tip from another blog, and I decided to post this.
nadzdirndt06, a leaving stardoll user, is selling off her Stardoll RARES and lots of DKNY stuff on eBay UK, lowest bid 0,99 pounds.>

The method: Bid, win, then write in her gb that you won and she'll send you the piece then.

It's surely a risky method, at least you spend directly real money on the stuff, and when you don't get your piece then, it's really annoying.

But I already know, that other hard collectors who want to leave stardoll, do that, too.

xx Bella

Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 new SS Hairstyles

6 new Hairstyles arrived today, I really liked the middle one in the right row, so I became SS and putted it on ;)
As you can see, they are only for Superstars, and I think it becomes more and more unfair.
SS are allowed to do anything they want to, and non-ss can almost do anything.
The split between Superstars and Non-Superstars becomes even bigger and bigger.
How long do you wanna do that Stardoll?

Aren't we allowed to sign in if we are not becoming SS someday?
Many stuff to think about.
Love Bella

Next FREE ANTM dress

1. Log out of Stardoll.

2. Change your manual proxy into: and Port 80

Click HERE to learn how to use a manual proxy.

3. Log in.

4. Watch the WHOLE trailer.

5. Turn off the proxy and it will be in your normal stardoll suite.

Note: It might be VERY SLOW, but it probably works if you're patient :)

Love Bella

Tons of FREE stuff!!

FREE GORILLA Click HERE to get to the page. You don't need a proxy. Then click on 'Adopt me' and it will be in your suite.


Go to .

Type in in the Proxy URL Bar and log in. I don't know if you need a proxy, many countries don't need, but I don't know from which countries YOU are, so ;)

xx Bella

Winner of the Competition :D

Helloo everybody!Sorry for not posting the results earlier but I had a looott of homework -.-
So Im now ready to announce the big winner of the Medoll Makeover Competition!

Drums Please!tmp tmpt tmpt tmp :P


Congratulations!You won 20 stardollars!I will contact with you!
Here is her makeover:
I love the makeover!Thanks a lot!
I would also like to congratulate and thanks for all of you who took part in the competition!I liked all the makeovers!

You can visit

click here to visit lunichka0909


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Show me your wardrobe: 2 Stylings

Descriptions coming soon

xx Bella

February Hot Buys

So, here you go, the new Hot Buys:
Do you like them?

I think the Beehive Purse is so funny :)

xx Bella

Monday, January 25, 2010

FREE Candies Scarf + FREE Handbag!

Sorry for not posting lately, but I'm currently very busy with my private life.

FREE Scarf
Follow these steps to get the scarf:

1. Go to
3. Log in.
4. Change the address into:

Wait till the page loaded again, then go to your suite and you got it!
FREE Handbag (not the dress!):

1. Go to
3. Log in.
Wait till the page loaded again and then go to your suite.

Have a nice day!!

Love Bella

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Polish Competition in Stardoll -Answers

Hey thanks to google dictionary I managed to translate the questions that are in Polish Stardoll Competition!

1 questions:
How many Stardollars can you earn per month in the Play & Earn?
The right answer is 50

How many Stardollars can you earn per day in Play&Earn?
The right answer is 5


How many earned in one day Stardollars can save it for later?
The right answer is 1

Which is not a Stardoll Play&Earn game?
The game that is not Play&Earn is Dream Face

What do you have to do to earn stardollars in Play&Earn?
The right answer is Confirm Email
I hope I hepled you!
Any questions in comments box!

Noticed that...?

...there's a new shop in Suite Shop called 'Decade'? But it doesn't include any furniture. And in the search function Stardoll has added it wrong ;)
...we already have over 48 Million members on Stardoll? If we keep growing like this, we could reach the 50 Million very soon!

...there's a new floor on Stardoll Archive?

It includes many snake print clothes, not really my style.

Love Bella

Friday, January 22, 2010

Show me your wardrobe: misspatrichia1 & AimeeNandez

Sorry, but school's running, and I also want to sty in contac with my real life friends via facebook.
1st look is elegant. I like the top and the ankle boots.
2nd look is also kinda elegant. I used the colored tights to bring color.
3rd look is glamourous dress. The shoes bring glamour to the simple basic dress.
Make-Up is new. I used a sidewave, I think it fits your face best.

1st look is elegant. The vest and the skirt look very cool.
2nd look is a shopping look. I love those leggings, they look perfect together with the tunic.
3rd is glamourous. The belt was already at the dress, so I just added some golden heels.
Make-Up: I took a volume hair for you, it fits you best. And the flower looks so cute!

Hope you like the looks ♥
I will have more time at the weekend, so I'll be making more looks then.
xx Bella

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Show me your wardrobe: 3 Stylings

So, next three looks coming right here. Sorry for late posting, I finished them actually yesterday, but school is in the last days, so I didn't have the time to post them. But today I do! :)
girlygirly7, I'm really sorry that you had to wait such a long time for your make-over, but now I'm done with it. Hope you like it.
1st look is totally casual, shopping is totally easy with tanktop, a nice hoodie and converse. So simple.
2nd look is more elegant. I ued a black mini skirt, and this cutted top, but noble shoes, so all in all, it's still elegant.
3rd look is very simple. This dress is incredible and just needed something sweet like the magic wand ;)
Make-Up includes no white, I think white mascara is too heavy. I used a light pink for your lips and gave you a new hair.

InTheDark17, you're a very rocky girl, and I tried to bring that in all 3 outfits.
1st look is 100% rock. Leather jacket, studded bracelet, mini skirt + high tops. But I like that pantyhose, the color is very rocky, so we there's still color in that outfit.
2nd look is more glam and elegant. I took dark red again (It fits you), but added golden accessoires to make it glamourous.
3rd look is a sporty one. I changed it 3 times till I liked it. The heart in the chain is the same color as the shoes, and the look looks cool with the legwarmers.
I didn't really change your Make-Up, the hair looks perfect, so I just took that tiara, I thought it looks nice.

miss_cute_loveU, You wanted a street look, a gentle look and to look like a pixie. Here you go:
1st look is the gentle one. White jeans and that light blue top complement each other.
2nd look is the pixie one. I took a bowing skirt with a white tanktop, silver heels and the magic wand. My way of pixie ;)
The 3rd one is the sporty one. I love that hoodie (think I'll also buy it), and with skirt, flat boots and a color fitting bag, you're ready for shopping!
The Make-up also is kinda pixie and gentle (You like that, don't you?). I thought you would like some romantic curls in your hair, together with a simple silver chain.

I hope you guys like the looks!!


If YOU wanna have a make-over, click HERE to see where you can request!

Love Bella

1SD a day has come back to Stardoll :D

Hey soo I have good news!!1SD day has come back to Stardoll!You take in only if you play the Play&Earn games!
Take a look at the rules of Play&Earn:

-Earn up to 5 Stardollars per day by playing the games.

- The first Stardollar you earn can be used immediately or saved for later.

-The other 4 Stardollars MUST be used the same day, so spend them as soon as you’re done playing!

After all complaints to Stardoll they understood that this 1 sd is a necessity but it would have been much better if you didn't have to play the games and take it automitacally like before!

P.S.In 2-3 days the results of competition!You can still vote here(click on here to be taken in the poll)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


heey all!!!
there is a new game in play and earn ..
Hope U like it ....
(but it's difficult Hihi)
PLZ comment

FREE 2nd ANTM Dress!

You can get this absolutely incredible dress for free!!
Unfortunately all blogs are currently looking for a working UK proxy, so you will have to be patient for some time!

UPDATE: Try out these: port 80 (veryyy slow, if it strikes, refresh, then it might work) port 8080 port 80

UPDATE 2: I got that dress now!! I used the first proxy. It was the only one that worked for me. It soo slow, it takes ages, but it works!!

UPDATE 3: All people from UK only have to go to Stardoll Cinema and they will see that trailer and be able to get that dress without proxy.

UPDATE 4: This is the proxy that Underneath Stardoll gave out a few seconds ago: and Port 80

Do it like this:
1. Log out of stardoll.
2. Set up the proxy.
3. Go to the link below.
4. Watch the video.
5. Close the window and turn off the proxy.
6. Go to your normal stardoll and if everything went good, it should be in your suite!
Anyway, here's the link:

UPDATE 5: Learn how to set up a proxy HERE.
Hope it helps, Ella :)

Please tell me if it worked! I did my very best :)

Love Bella

New Spoilers! I'd die for that dress!

OMG look the this black bandage dress with sequins on the right! It's incredible!!
I'm so in love with it!
xx Bella



WTH... I only got 4 SD in play and earn!!! :-O


And what is this???

Monday, January 18, 2010

Show me your wardrobe: Rules to request

So...I'm really impressed and surprised of the many requests I received in this short time. But I get them in the weirdest ways, so I have to make some rules for requesting.

1. You can write the requests in the comment box of all 'Show me your wardrobe' posts.

I won't look in every comment box of every article to find your requests.

2. You can write the requests in my Stardoll Guestbook.

Click HERE to get to it.

I won't accept requests anymore that are written to me via Chat Box or in a Private Message. You also don't need to try to request me via Album or Starblog comments, I'll delete them.

3. This is what your request MUST contain:

• your stardoll name
• if you wanna have a make-up or not
• what style you wanna have

NOTE: I always create 3 outfits and one make-up. The outfits are usually casual, sporty, elegant. If you wanna have , e.g. 3 rock outfits, you must tell me it in the request, otherwise I do it as I always do!

Please don't think that I'm a mean person or something now, I just need to 'rearrange' it a little bit, cause otherwise I would loose my orientation in the amount of requests that I currently get.

Thank you so much for requesting, I'm so overwhelmed that so many people did this. ;)

Love Bella

Show me your wardrobe: More Stylings

More 3 Stylings. Today's sunday, so I have more time, but next week, I will make the stylings slowlier than now.
Avril182, you wanted to have rock/chic, so here you go.
1st look is a rock style. I like the t-shirt and the distressed jeans, and the leather jacket totally fits.
2nd look is kinda like Avril Lavigne, with this plaid skirt. I used a boyfriend blazer to it and accented the waist.
3rd look is a chic look. The long top with the leggings gets more rock with the Hot Buys vest (I use it totally often :D) and the studded bracelets.
Make-up is little different. I gave you shorter hair and maked up smokey yes, cause they always go.

RockChick171717, I dressed you because your friend (?) FairyLoveGirl told me to do.
1st look is a layering look from a jumper and this top. The tie breaks the style.
2nd look is more elegant, but still with a rock twist. The blouse looks 'tidy', the leather gives the coolness.
3rd look is a glamourous look. I just layered 2 Holiday Boutique dresses to make it more exciting.
Make-Up is just some smokey eyes. But I cut you a bob, I think it's beautiful.

odiliana1, for you it was a little more difficult cause you have many free clothes which are often very specific.
1st look is a little bit glamourous. The top is with sparkle shoulders, I like it.
2nd look is a casual outfit. Skinny jeans, cardigan and black top are totally basic, but the sparkle shoes make the outfit interesting.
3rd look is more classic. The swinging skirt looks sweet with the basic tube top. The panel brings the accent.
Make-up is almost the same, I just used curls and a cute necklace.

Hope you like the looks!

If you like, COMMENT!!

Love Bella

Vote for the best-Competition Poll

So ...the compeition is now officially closed!Thanks for all your entries!Here they are:


Which was your favourite?

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