Monday, November 30, 2009

Questions to Bella

So..I got a new idea: I'm sure everyone of you has questions about stardoll or blogger or anything. (like: 'How do I trade', 'How to printscreen'...)

You can ask me now anything you want!

I collect the questions then and answer them all.

You can pose the questions IN THE COMMENT BOX


Just write what you like and I try to answer it!

Don't be shy :)

Love Nathalie

Sick & bored, so..

Like it?

xx Nathalie

Rodarte Dress for everyone

So.. You can get a copy of the Rodarte dress by LE on starplaza now.I think it's kinda unfair, cause some of us paid 275$ for it and now everyone can get it for 13$.

Also the bisou dress looks more like the original, don't you think?

And also the new leggings from bisou look very similar to the very expensive boots from Tingeling Halloween some way I don't mind, I've always wanted to have that dress, and so I bought the new one from bisou :)

What do you think? Fair or unfair?

Write us your opinion please!

Love Nathalie

Free Old Hotbuy Beret!

Hello in this post I will tell you how to get a free Beret which was an old hotbuy from Burberry!

Just follow the steps and you will have it!

1.Got to :

2.Put this link in the proxy:

3.Log into Stardoll

4.Now put this link in the proxy:

5.Leave the proxy and go to the normal Stardoll!

You will find your Old Hotbuy Beret in your suite!

Thanks to the Stardoll Insiders!
Any questions or problem in the Comments Box please!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

30million members glitch


sorry havnt wrote in ages computer wouldnt log on

okay just a werid glitch


Ok, the first thing should not really be free, but anyway, all superstars can get a black Fallen Angel dress for 0 sd, STARDOLL GLITCH! So hurry before stardoll changes the price!


It's an old Hot Buys from 2006, available now at a contest.
1. Use or

2. Type in:

3. Log in.
4. Type in the case of the proxy (on top of the page):

5. Close the window and return to your normal stardoll. Done!

Enjoy ♥

Love Nathalie

Saturday, November 28, 2009

FREE Amy dress

Get this pretty dress for free, if you participate on the singwriting contest!
This is the link to it:
You can write anything, but I had a flash of creative and I wrote a hole songtext.

It's about you!

Love Nathalie

The Gift-O-Meter

Already discovered the gift-o-meter under your chat?
For every stardollar you spend on starplaza DURING THIS WEEK, you'll get more ..I don't know, 'color'?

The more stardollars you spend, the better the gift!
If you spend 200 sd (two hundred!!), you'll get this DKNY room gift..but I mean 200 sd for a GIFT?
What do you think about it? Good idea or just a way for stardoll to make more money?

Excited to read what you think about it ;)

Love Nathalie

New DKNY 2009!

Hello!Good News:DKNY in Starplaza!It's a nice collection but the prices -_-


Take a look:

Do you like the collection?

Love it Hate it?Tell us in the comments box!



Friday, November 27, 2009


Go to the Stardoll Magazine-Contest-Eid Moubark or just click HERE

Make Scenery looks different this time by sending our best wishes to our friends for Happy Eid...Save you scenery and something will be in your suite!;)

Again something free for think sweater is nice and I love this with cute...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Eid ul-Fitr is one Muslim Holiday that marks the end of Ramadan,the Islamic holy month of fasting.

I`m from Croatia and I got I think it`s for everyone!

Tell me what you think about it??

Free Stardoll Tree!

Hello Im really sorry I havent written for a while but I didnt have time!Anyway,today when i logged in and a window popped up from Stardoll telling me to choose one tree!

Take a look:

The golden tree for SS and the small and green :( for non-ss!

What do you think?
Did you get this too?

P.S. I became SUPERSTAR for 2 weeks!yeahhh!

DKNY Room coming?

Like it?
xx Nathalie

FREE Stuff + NEW dot

So.. at first something that only superstars received: The Stardoll Royalty Sign. If you're superstar, you're member and you get this stuff.
UPDATE: You also get earrings: blue stars

BTW The club has more and more less members, because many superstar memberships run out. So they get deleted out of this club.

If you wanna be member, be superstar. That's what stardoll said in a mail to a girl that had complained about it.



Free Dress and Flower Dream Catcher

There's a contest in magazine where you can get it.

Just create a scenery and save it, then you'll find the things in your suite.

Click here to get to the contest:


New dot has arrived in starplaza!

The colors are so Christmas like, you can see that Christmas is in a few weeks!

Midnight blue and sparkling silver and gold. So beautiful!

BUT: Everything costs 1 sd more than the usual make-up, means that golden volume mascara e.g. costs 4 sd and not 3 sd.


Love Nathalie

Thursday, November 26, 2009

December Hot Buys

I know I'm late with them xD
Like them?

xx Nathalie

BFF Gift

Just a small post: Here you got the BFF gift! You get it when you agree all rules.

xx Nathalie

DKNY Fall/Winter 2009/2010 you got the new DKNY that will come out on stardoll in a few days (?)
Here we got also another spoiler including new dot mascaras Do you like the new DKNY?


Love Nathalie

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So.. here we got a new dot and a Stardoll Royalty spoiler:powered by



xx Nathalie

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FREE Pants

This is a russian contest, here you go:

2. Type in the proxy URL bar: and press enter.

3. Log in.

4. NOW,in 'location via proxy' (top of the screen), there's the link you typed in (in step 2).

Erase it and paste this link:

press enter.

Now close everything and go to your normal stardoll!

Love Nathalie