Monday, August 31, 2009

I will update the blog!

I am very happy of my blog!We have 51 followers ,almost 7000 hits(from 16 April)and of course very nice writers!
I would like to congratulate MiiLeY__CyRuS for her effort!She has posted a lot of posts and the blog is active the summer!

I will start posting posts again every day from 10 September when I am coming back from my vavation!

Also I will updaste the blog!
New Polls,New Playlist,New Colours that we have a lot of visitirs we will be hosting a lot of competitions!

So I cant wait till I come back from my holidays!
See you gyus!
And keep visiting our blog!
The owner of the blog,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to use a manual proxy

So..many girls ask me, how to use it, so I decided to post how to do it. (not because I'm enerved of your questions ;D)

I will give u any pictures of course, but at the moment i dont really get what my paint is doin ;)

At first, here is only the explanation in words:


1. Go in your internet explorer to 'Extras'
2. Click on 'Internet Options'.
3. Go to 'Connections'
4. Click on LAN Settings.
5. On the bottom of this window you see a case (in which u can tick) called 'Proxy Server'

--> In the case 'Adress' type in the adress (for example and then you type in the case 'Port' the Port (for example 3128).


1. Go to 'Tools'.
2. Click on 'Options'.
3. Go to 'advanced'.
4. Click on 'Network'
5. Go to 'Settings'.
6. Click on 'Manual proxy'.

Now you only have to type in the proxy and the port and youre done!!

Hope i helped you :)

xo Nathalie

4th Free PSP Gift

So, this time you'll receive a dartboard...

what to say, here you go ;) :

1. Go to or

2. Type in in the Proxy URL Bar.

3. Wait a few seconds, go to yout normal stardoll and go to your suite: Voilà!

Have fun with it :)

xo Nathalie

Friday, August 28, 2009

FREE Wizards On Deck Stuff

Hey guys, :)
sorry for posting this late, I just wanted to make a perfect article (as always ;D) and so I searched as many proxys that might work for it as i could.

So here are a couple of manual proxy that might work: and port 3128
or and port 80 (slow, but only one that worked 4 me)
or and port 80

You can also try to join the club with, but u have to click on the 'join the club'button before the page is fully loaded.

AND: Don't wonder if there arent any gifts in ur suite: The more members this club get, the more gifts we get :)

As always: If u have a problem with understanding the steps or something else in relation with these articles, feel FREE to sign my guestbook!! I answer everything!! Just visit me, MiiLeY__CyRuS

Have fun with the free stuff you get one by one ;)

xo Nathalie

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free Perfume & Bracelet!

A few of you may know the first perfume from Avril Lavigne called 'Black Star'

Now this perfume & a very nice bracelet are available for FREE at stardoll.

Follow the instructions:

1. Change your manual proxy in and Port 80

UPDATE: You can also use the manual proxy + Port 80 or just use

2. Go to

3. Join the club - now you got the perfume

4. Go down and on the right there is a case in which you have to invite one person (no matter who). So now you got the bracelet too!!

P.S. There are clothes available on starplaza too (there's even an own shop!!)
You can use the same proxy to go there.

If you dont want to use a proxy, you can get all clothes in your dressingroom (not for FREE!!) by clicking,20981,20980,20984,20985,20986,20987,20988,20989,20990,20991,20992,20993,20994


xo Nathalie

Monday, August 24, 2009

Starplaza Sale!

Hey guys,
i just discovered Starplaza is having the monthly sale now: There are very good things this month on sale.

Go and grab what you can!!

Enjoy ;)

xo Nathalie

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Free PSP Surfboard

Hi guys,

so the next PSP gift is out: A lilac Surfboard!

1. Go to ir
2. Type in in the Proxy URL Bar.
3. Log in.
4. Close the window and go to your normal stardoll.



xo Nathalie

Friday, August 21, 2009

What? 100 Pages?

So today when I went to my album to put some dolls in it, i saw this:

100 PAGES! I have to say I was kinda shocked! Who is really going to use all those 100 pages? And how long will this take to load ;)?

P.S. Its only for superstars :/

xo Nathalie

Moxie Girls are rocking Starplaza!

So here's a Moxie Girls Shop in starplaza!!

If you don't see this shop in your starplaza (like me), follow these staps to get the clothes although:


-trousers and blue

-dresses and orange

-skirts and blue

-foot wear and white ... and so on

just click on what it is (e.g. a dress, trousers) and then the color (e.g. white, red, blue ...) and then search this.

Really hope it works for you!!!

xo Nathalie

Thursday, August 20, 2009

September Hotbuys 2009

Hey!The September Hotbuys are out and they are gorgeous!

I love them!

I like most the hat the scarf and the dress!

I hope they are cheap!

Like them Hate them?

Tell us in the comments box!


Limited Bags in Starplaza!

When I logged in today I went to Starplaza and saw that Limited Bags have come out!

The bags are quite expensive 25-50!

I bought one bag!

Buy at least one if you are superstar becuase they might be rare in the future!



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Poster coming soon

Look what I've found in the spoilers: A Movie Girls Poster!!

I don't know, they really remember me to Bratz! Do you know them? I've never some of them but my friend had!! Aww..the old times...:)

So here's the poster:

Have a nice day!!

xo Nathalie

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Play & Earn Game

Well ... I have to confess that I've always hated maths and I will ever hate it, but the main thing is, that I am not bad in this game! My best score was 3200 (I really did everything to get in the list, but it didn't work!!) :D

So, whatever...try it out and write me if you like it or not :)

xo Nathalie

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free PSP T-Shirt

Ok guys, you my already have seen that there were more free things than just the lilac PSP and the guitar.

So now you can get a t-shirt!!

Here's how:

1. Go to or

2. Type in in the Proxy URL Bar

3. Log in

4. Close the window ( you don't have to watch the video!) and go to your normal stardoll.

I hope it worked for you !!!

Enjoy :)

xo Nathalie

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Free Post Grad Bag!!

So...I found it earlier than now (but randomly), but I didn't get the bag by watching the trailer.

That's why I asked some people and now you get the perfect instruction to get it =):

1. Go to or

2. Type in in the Proxy URL Bar.

3. Log in

4. Click on the Post Grad Link to get deliverd to the official site.

I really don't know if this is working cuz it didn't work for me, but maybe you are luckier?! :D

xo Nathalie

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hannah Montana UPDATE!! 4th gift!

UPDATE: So here you got the picture of the dress. Hope It helps!! :)

Ok, I just wanted to write a small update for you cuz I don't want you to miss a free offer from stardoll.
Sorry for not posting a picture, my computer is not working very well today..
but i'll post one in the next days!!

If you want to know how to get it just go down to my post of 2th august, that was when I posted how to get the 3rd hannah montana gift.

Hope you get all 4 items!!

xo Nathalie

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Free Harumika

Ok the first thing I can say is: HURRY!! :D

The 2nd Harumika is only available TODAY, so be fast and enjoy!!

If you're from US, you don't need a proxy.

If you're from an other country:

1. Go to

2. Type in in the Proxy URL Bar

3. Log in.

4. Click on 'Pick of the day' (this is the Harumika) and when it takes you to your suite, close the window.


xo Nathalie

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hot Hot HM Spoiler!

Hi guys :)

I was just checking the blogs I follow when I saw this:

BOOM!! Another free Hannah Montana T-Shirt will come out on stardoll!

Looks like the stardoll color at the moment it LILAC! Lilac PSP, guitar, t-shirt..

What do you think?

xo Nathalie

OMG Free Lilac PSP!!!


when I saw this in an other blog I just HAD to post it it's amazing!!

(the best thing is that it's a Hannah Montana PSP!!) :)'s how to get it:

1. Go to

2. Type in in the Proxy URL Bar

3. Log into your account.

- So now you got this amazing lilac PSP -

4. For the guitar, go back to

6. Go to your suite and enjoy your lilac PSP and the lilac guitar!! (Man, I love stardoll ;D)

Have fun!!

xo Nathalie

Thursday, August 6, 2009

FREE Sonny with a Chance Shirt

Aww, finally this cute plaid shirt is out !!

I saw it already some days ago in spoilers, there wasn't a proxy to get it anywhere.

Today I found it (thanks to a friend!!):

1. Change your manual proxy in and Port 8080 (might take longer to load).

3. Log into your doll.

4. Join the club.

5. Invite 5 people by choosing them on the sidebar (when youre done it says 0 kavs)

6. Close the window, go to your normal stardoll and -Voilà - you got the top as a gift from stardoll Admin in your suite!!

Enjoy it!! ;)

xo Nathalie

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2nd Bandslam Guitar

Well, I found another Bandslam guitar in a suite of one of my stardoll friends. I asked her how she got it and here' how:

1. Go to

2. Type in the Proxy URL Bar

3. Log into your account.

4. Wait a few seconds and then close the window.

5. Go to your normal stardoll in your suite and see the electric guitar next to your wardrobe.

I tried it out but it didn't work, but I thought I'll post it although, maybe you are luckier than me ;)

Good luck!!

xo Nathalie

Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Vanessa+Aly+Guitar!

Hey!Heres how to have a free quitar+Vanessa Hudgens+Aly in your suite!

1.Go to

3.Log in your account

4.Wait for some seconds.

5.Log out.

6.Go to normal stardoll and voila!

Hope it helps!



FREE Hannah Montana Stuff

This is the 3rd gift -->
Ok, the cheats are not available since yesterday ;), they are on stardoll since some time ago.

But I thought I post you how to get it (this is how I got it too) And it still works!!

1. Change your Proxy adress in your explorer: Extras-->Internet Options-->Connections-->LAN Settings-->Proxy server.

Now there are 3 adresses you can type in (I used the first one): and Port 80
or and Port 1324
or and Port 80

3. Then if you want to get the golden jacket, watch Trailer 1.
If you want a white t-shirt and a heart belt, watch Trailer 2.
If you want the sparkling top and a golden belt, watch Trailer 3.

You can of course watch all the trailers ;)
In about 2 weeks, there will come the last gift from this club, a dress.

Hope it works !! :D

xo Nathalie

AND: The clothes will appear in your suite in form from gifts (from Stardoll Admin).