Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Create a beautiful blog!

Hello my readers so as Bella posted we are happy to get our questions for Stardoll and Blogger!Now I would like to show you how to create a beautiful blog and make it famous!

First of all think of a catchy and easy to remember name with the word Stardoll in it!Colours are very imprortant too becuase they catch their readers attention!You can download colourful templates (like Stardoll News&Tips) from Leelou Blogs( or from

Music is also cool for a blog!You can put music for your blog from or from

Another cool idea is to put the link of your blog in your presentation and tell it to all of your friends!They will sure visit the blog and ask them to follow it(only if they have a yahoo or google account)!

I hope guys I helped! :)
Any other questions for Stardoll pleae post them in comments or in mine and writers questbooks!


Bella said...

I create all my playlists at, I like the virtual iPods :)

you can use your myflashfetish account to log in there, too!

P.S. I will answer the next questions now!

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im-kb said...

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Stacie/Lily.Yellow said...

thanks!!! it's helped me!!!

Camirena Guadeloupe Lobey said...

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mike321ph said...

I have a question how do you like put the playlist to ur blog????????

Hannah J. Kirkby said...

I have a question: how do you add hyperlinks to your images on your blog???? I'd like people to click on my images and it would take them somewhere (preferably in a new tab?). Thanks!!!

Hannah J. Kirkby said...

Sorry, got another question for you: I saw blog one day. It was a blog about Stardoll.

On the side where all his widgets were, he had a mini version of Stardoll in a mini version of the internet. It was open to his Stardoll suite page and you could click on things and they would work! It was like you could see Stardoll from another site.

How could I do that? Please help!!! Sorry, I forgot what the blog is called. I think it had a black background. Thank you!!!

Truc Danh said...

Hey there I am SuperT101 and I am planning on winning Miss Stardoll World and winning National Covergirl at the same time so please help me get 5/5 stars from 10 million peeps and 500 hearts in my Yearbook from loads of peeps!

Flea said...

As a pro blogger, music is a no, no NO!