Thursday, December 31, 2009


We from Stardoll News&Tips wish you all a very happy new Year!

Thanks to everyone for the tips, the very positive feedback on what we do and the ideas that made this blog better and better!

We hope that we can continue 2010 as good as 2009, and we hope that you'll support us!

Have a successful, peaceful and very happy new year ♥

Your staff from Stardoll News&Tips


Love Bella


You all dressed, you all voted, and now, YOU all came to a decision!

And the winner is..................


Congratulations! You will receive 3 big SS gifts as price.

Here you go, the first three (or rather five :D):

1. mollyk123 (24%)
2. Avril14140 (16%)
3. Avril182 (10%), red.girll (10%), wissal12 (10%)

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who voted and especially to EVERYONE who participated!!

Lots of love

Bella ♥


Music Playlist at


Okay all ye twilight fans (including me) you are going to love this
a girl on stardoll has recreated the cullen's home and bella's house and biology room it is truly amazing . At the momment she is not superstar so all of them are unavailible to look at so i serch pictures and found alll these

this is the cullens house

the woods

bellas room

outside bellas house

the biology room

the gazbo in twilight

the beach

the cullen kitchen
to visit her click here


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to remind you all, that the POLL of the Christmas Comp ends TODAY!

You can vote until 11 pm GMT+1h!

Here's a time zone converter:


I will announce the winner tomorrow together with the price that the winner will get!

Don't miss the voting!

Love Bella


So..starplaza is currently well updated by stardoll, here you got the latest news:

Finally, the 2nd floor of Decade of The Teens is out! I already posted about new items I spotted in the new section!-----------------------------------------
A new floor of Starplaza Archive is also out! Some information about the stuff:Faith Hill dress: was actually 15sd, now it's 16sd
R&B Diva Award dress and R&B Diva MTV dress: As I can tell that, the dresses were really RARE, the people paid amounts of stardollars to get them. (am I right? Can someone tell me if that's correct?)
VOILE Skirt: Old Hot Buys from December 2007 (New Year Hot Buys)
picture via TSI


For a short time, ANTIDOTE boots were available in starplaza! They also appeared in an antidote box in your suite when you bought them. But people told, that after some time, the box changed into a normal starplaza bag and the boots disappeared from starplaza.

Thanks to QuikGirl31 for the tip.

Take a look:
picture via TSI

People suppose that the new spoilers are Antidote now! If you wanna have a look, check my last post with the spoilers.

Love Bella

Hit or Miss

Okay this is the newest look i thought of all the clothes are non superstar and the make up is superstar.The clothes are 18sd which is a small bit dear i know but it all i could do.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


(click to enlarge)Many bra's and dessues..everything very elegant with a 20ies-Touch (!?)

The Hot Buys are in that way,too..

Maybe we'll get a Dita von Teese soon? (burlesque)

What do you think of the clothes?


Love Bella

More Decade Of The Teens?

So...I'm kinda confused..Here's why:

In the 'new'-Section of starplaza, I found 5 more items of winners of the Design contest.

I checked the 'Decade Of The Teens'-Shop, but they weren't in it.

Also they are other people than the ones who already have a collection in the shop.

UPDATE: There's even more:
But still NO NEW FLOOR in starplaza!

Did you see it, too?

What do you think? Any tips?

xx Bella

FREE Decade Of The Teens T-Shirt + Moxie Skirt

So..remember this black shirt I posted in the spoilers about a week ago?
You can get it for FREE now!

Go there:

You don't need a proxy!

Type something in one of the boxes, then you get the information:
'We left a present in your suite' or something like that ;)

Thanks so much to thewhiterose for the tip!


This is a Moxie Skirt that also appeared in the spoilers. Wanna get it for free? FOLLOW THE STEPS!

1. Use or

2. Type in the URL Bar:

3. Log in, wait a few, then close the window.

Voilà! It'll appear in your suite!

Love Bella

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Decade of the Teens

just a quick post about a new room in the parties to anyone
okay its called decade of the teens room its really cool
tell me what you think

new in spoilers:-D

Take a look: (WooooW)

It Looks Like Something Out Of A Fairy Tale: D hehe ...

Hope U like it ...


January hot buy:-D

wooow I thought they are so beautiful ...

WooooW the bag from Pretty in Pink is just so sweet ...
What did U think:-D

PLZZ comment:-D

New Shop

New Store in starplaza called " Decade of the Teen"
it is an old vintage shop with a twist
the clothes seem very coture and beautiful!

okay tell me your thoughts on the price style or what ever you want to say
it has a very alice in wonderland feel to the shop with the clock all the clothes are designed by the winners of the designer compition!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kidding me, Stardoll?

Ha ha ha, good joke Stardoll!
When I found the mail in my mail account, I thought: 'Cool! A HB dress for 6 sd! Maybe they are nice and want to give us a little Christmas discount...?'

Would be nice, right?
Whatever, there is no Christmas disount or something (my imagination ...), the dress costs 18 sd, 12 (!!) more than announced.
Really weird.

xx Bella


I just have one word to say: W-O-W!

I'm so speechless at the moment and I could cry that you guys did all this for me. ;)

I want to thank you all for your congratulations, the nice poem (QuikGirl31, you exceed yourself each time more ;D)
and the awesome blog post that lovely misspitt wrote for me. (who I don't know since a very long time, but she's great and has a big heart).

I'm very sorry that I can't thank every single one, but I wanted to highlight those people for the amazing ideas. ;)

Thank you guys for all the nice guestbook comments and messages I received from you ♥

You all make my day brighter ♥

With endless Love and so many many kisses ;)

Yours Bella ♥

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stardoll Admin about 1 SD on day..:-/

A few weeks ago I wrote to Stardoll Admin to get to know a little about 1 SD on day ... And this is their response ... : - / :-(

Hi misspitt,
thanks for getting in touch with us.

We regularly release new campaigns on the site with new possibilities for all users to get free Stardollars in many different ways. The 1 Stardollar per day campaign is now over, but you can get 5 Stardollars per day with the play & Earn games. Also, we have created an entire new section in The Stardoll Magazine dedicated especially to contests, where it’s possible to win up to 250 Stardollars! Many of these contests will be targeted only to your own country which means you will have a greater chance of winning!

Yours Truly,

The Stardoll Staff

PS Do NOT reveal your password to anyone

Do NOT change your email address for false promises of free Stardollars. Scams do NOT work on Stardoll.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Year Outfit&Make up-SS

Hello!First I want to wish you Merry Christmas!
Secondly Im so pleasant that Stardoll News&Tips has more than 100 Followers!
Thanks guys!

Anyway in this post I would like to show you an outfit+Make up for New Year's Day!Its for SS!Sorry guys!I couldnt find anything for non ss! :(

Take a look:

Make up&Outfit:

Total Cost:

Yeah I know its a lot of money but the are worth for a perfect New Years Outf it&Make up!


Tell us in the comments box!

(I m going to post again in the blog after New Years Eve beceause Im going to vacation!)



happy birthday

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag

Tillykke med fødselsdagen

and happy birthday ... (26.12)

Stardoll News & Tips! wish you Happy Birthday Nathalia( MiiLeY__CyRuS) ...You are an amazing person, very sweet and helpful ...

I am personally very glad that I know a girl like you. Thanks for all the news you always write about in this amazing blog, news that (I think) are impossible to find, and very good ...

The blog is full of life when you write in it every day ...

Thank you

Miss Pitt and all of Stardoll News & Tips:-D

PS. PLZZ comment and wish her Happy B-DAY:-D