Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween :D

Hello again sweets ;) I can't believe! Halloween is coming :D I just love it.Yay!

Do you love it too?


New Store: Transform

Hello sweeties. I am soooo sorry for not writing for so many time. I'm very busy because of school. So, there are good news. There is a new shop called 'Transform'. 

I think it is super interesting. Take a look at the store. Is really fun ;)


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello guys

Hello guys

How you doing?
Hope you are good!
 I have to wish you a happy halloween!

Get your masks and costumes (;

Bye bye

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hi there :)
So I finally learned how to make sopilers by myself :)
So here are some of the staff that are going to be out on stadrdoll:

I know that this is not much... but take into account that it is my first spoiler ever :P lol
BTW, I really like the balck shirt :)
I would be glad to read your oppinion :D
So don't be shy and comment! ;)

Love you all

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hi guys :)
So I've decided to make a Magazine for the blog, that will be published ones a week (or two... it depends on my studing ^^)

SNTB Magazine

The outfit of the month:
(For superstars)

(For non-superstars)

The Make-up of the month:

Now I would like to show you a stardoll member wich can be a great inspiration for you 

So.... That's all for now :D

Love you all

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm sorry + Some news


Hello everyone :)
First of all I want to say that I'm really, really sorry for not posting for a while! I just had a lot of home tasks and pressure at the University! Trust me it's not a piece of cake!!! :P
So any way, while I was away I've noticed that there was a larg number of new things on! 

There is are some real brand new stores...

 To see it on stardoll just go to this link:
My own opinion is that the clothes are really expensive and I don't think that they worth them!!! They are not the best I've seen :/ I'm dissapointed

Now we know who are our Miss Stardoll World finalists... 

Most of the girls are really pretty! :)
To see all of them just go to this link:

Stardoll also added a new extra room...
The Panorama room:
You can find it in the suite shop :)

Sooo I guess that's all.... 
Love you all

Don't forget that you can be one of our team :)
Just apply for one of out jobs ^^

hello guys

Emm.. Sorry for not posting those days
I think that all the writers are very busy with studying

So please understand us ;p

So stardoll has a new shop
Check it out:
New Original Future.
very floral, modern and pretty (:

See yah

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hello (:

Hello guys (:

Sorry for not writting
This period, is full of tests -.- so you understand (:

Stardoll sent message saying that it reached the:
200.000.000 MEMBERS

I am happy to announce that we have a 50 % sale 
to starplaza 
100 Stardollars + 100 Starcoins + 8 FREE Items when Stardoll hits 200 Million Members

You can see it here too (:
50% OFF Sale on Everything
Happy happy news!
* By the way, the new banners rock :D


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey! + New Banners

Hey! I'm MG286, a new Graphic-Designer for the Blog. I'm Leon, 15 years old and I'm from Germany. I hope you like my graphics. I write for another Blog and I have a Graphic-Blog ( ).

I made new Banners for the Writers here:

I hope you like them :)

MG286 :*

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Makeovers :)

Hi there :))
I have a new idea for the blog... :)
If you want me to give you a makeover just write your username in the comments, and I will try to give you a cool makeover ;)
IMPORTANT: don't worry! You don't have to give me your password! I will only change the make-up in things... and then take a picture of it and post it here :))

And by the way... don't forget that you can apply for different jobs in the blog ( like advertiser, graphic designer... and others) Just see the two previous posts :))

Love you all 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bye Mandy :(

Hello sweet readers. Maybe you all know this sad news that Mandy told us, she is going to leave us :(  I wrote this for you:

When I first saw this blog, it catched my attention,
The colours, the draw, the writers... Everything!
After that, I had the chance to be a writer in this amazing blog
And now, I am part of this fantastic family. 
At the first time, I couldn't believe it was real,
I felt so good, so welcome, I really was at home.

You are the person that made this for us,
And now you are going to leave us
And we all gonna die a little bit inside.

I just want you to know that this blog, this writers,
Will never ever forget you.

Goodbye Mandy :´(

I am very sad, but I just know that Patush11 is going to continue the amazing things that Mandy did.

Good luck Mandy, and welcome Patush11 ;)


Some announcements!

Hello my dear readers :)
I believe that most of you have already heard the sad news ..... Mandy is no more the owner of the blog :( We all gonna miss her!!! 
And since she asked me to be the new owner I don't want to let her down! I want that blog to keep active, popular, fun and useful! And I also want to make this plog as interesting and as useful, for you my dear reader, as possible!!!
And to make this I've thought about a really cool idea ;)

So.... at the moment I'm looking for people for the following occupations/jobs:

1. A graphic designer- If you are good at Photoshop so this job is for you! As a graphic desgner you'll have to make different graphics or covers for Magazins for the blog. 
Here are some examplses of graphics (they were made by other bloggers):

Stardoll Graphics 

2. An advertiser- this job is very simple! All you have to do is to advertise our blog everywhere you want! You'll have to tell everyone to visit and follow this blog, and in such a way we will make this blog more active!

3. Video maker- here you will have to make videos about stardoll... maybe some tutorials (see example here:
You can do tutorials for make-up, hair, clothes, jewlwry or anything you want :) 

As for now that's all... but soon I'm goona add some new cool jobs for you guys ;)

I You'll be a member of our team your stardoll name with a link to your medoll will be shown in the side bar of the blog and many other cool things :)))

To apply for one of these jobs you have to fill this-
# Your stardoll nickname:
 # Your real name (You don't have to tell it if you don't want ^^):
# Your age (You don't have to tell it if you don't want ^^):
# What job I would like to apply for:
# Why would you like to apply for thisjob:
# Your sills and talants (for example: You can work with Photoshop, you can make good videos or tutorials and other talants...)
# What is your English level (beginner, native....):
# Have you been a writer in another blog before?
# Something elese that you want to add:

You can apply for more than one occupation! 

Love you all...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Bye SDNT

How are you?
Well It Looks Like i Have a Lot to Study and work Hard
to get Better Grades So i Decided to Leave the Blog and Give
The Management to Patush11
I Just wanted you to know i Tried my Best to Make this Blog a Better Place  Like 
Making Contests, Giving Gifts & Superstar Membership and Paying for the Writers
I Hope you Like the Blog More with Patush1
The Blog will Always be a Part of me :')



Hello sweeties. I am so so sorry for the girls that participated in the contest, to all readers and to all writers. My net has been down for the last few weeks and I couldn't write any. But I'm back and the winner of the Contest is


In 2nd place is Kamuz

And in 3rd place is Violeta347 

Soon I'll send you a message through Stardoll because of your prizes (: