Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year!=)

Hey my little angels
I hope that your new year will be better and full with happiness!=)
Stardoll sent a message:
I thing that's it's awsome!:P

Bye :*

Game Zone & Glow Are Gone!

Remember These Shops?

 Well Now Their Gone!
 Im Thinking Maybe New Items Are Coming,Or
They Will Replace Them With New Shops..

What Do You Think?



I'm a The New SDNT Spoilers Writer is...
I'm Element5,my real name is Ilijana.
I'm 13 years old.
I live in Kosova 
Thanks soo soo much to Mandy(xoxo-pink-xoxo)
xoxo Element5 <3

The gift from the Stardoll facebook app

Hi everyone :))
Do you remember about the 5 stardollars from the Facebook Stardoll app... So every 5 days we are getting something special...
5 days ago I've got 5 free stardollars and today I've got 40 starcoins and this cute top:
Can't wait to see what we are going to get in the next 5th day :P
So just login into this facebook app everyday and you will get all these amazing freebies :))

Tell me in the comments... what do you think about this top?


There is a new colection in the GLAM'RUS

Hi everyone :) I have great news!!!!!
There is a new colection of jewelery in the GLAM'RUS store
And I love them!!!!
Just check them out:
So what do you think about them?

Love Ya all <3

Friday, December 30, 2011

Stardesign Jewelery Toutrail : Closed Eyes

Im So So Soooo Sorry i Didnt Log in Since 3 Days Ago
Im Sick & Also Have Flu, If i Stayed on The
Internet for Hours ill Get Headache Sorry Again ;S
Any Way i Wanted To Show You a Closed Eyes Toutrail :D


Step 1: Take off and let the smaller size as the picture, 
or if you prefer as the size of the eye of the dummy and do the same in the other eye
Step 2: Take the long feather and leave it in black and the next size of the image 
and place it under the Blue Feather (forming the eyelashes) and do the same thing in the other eye
Step 3: Take over a pen and let her in the same size as above, only turn it a little further down
Step 4: Finally get the kind of penalty from the previous step to close down the space that has feathers.
Final Results 


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hey ;)

Hey guys
How are u?
Today I got this great message:
That sounds great!aha XD

Bye ,kisses my little angels ;)

Now we can vote for eveything!

Hello everyone :)
How are you doing?
So I just wanted to inform you that now you can vote and be voted for decor and jewelery design :)))) Cooooool!!!!!
And just look at the cut trophies!!! They are so cute :)

It's really cool :))
And what do you think about this changes?

Love you all

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Voile New year colection

Hello ladies :)
Today I've got this message:

I just love the new colection!!! It's amazing!
What do you think about the colection?


Sorry for the mistake :P

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HotBuys Glittch 0sd Hurry!

Its Not Free Any More
Today i Was Shopping At The Starplazza & Found
That The Hotbuys Mirror is For Free!
But Stardoll Will Change The Price,So Buy It Fast!


For The Calendar Its Day 27


Hello guys
today I will upload some photos:
lol hope u liked them ;)

Alpine Chalet?

Any opinions on it?

Honestly i think it's a bit of a waste of stardollars, Especially with the expensive items for decorating :| It really made me mad cause i went from 1000 stardollars to 400 and such with in 2 hours of getting the stardollars :|

It's pretty and all,But honestly stuff on stardoll is just getting to be too overpriced, The chalet and such like it should only be 100 stardollars,That would make it cheaper and yet more worth the money.

Anywho lately i have been starting to get a bit impatient over this covergirl thing i have tried to win twice over the time that i have joined and i haven't one once :\ I want to try to switch to a low population country on stardoll and then try to win,But i just dunno if it is safe.

I'm sorry i haven't posted in forever but things have been busy over the holidays and such so i haven't had time to blog,And barely anything to blog about.
Merry late Christmas!!

Anyways,Byee :)

-Haley (Giraffes25)

New SS doll :D

Hello my dear readers :)
There is a new Superstar doll
Just check it out

Her real life look:

Some information about her:

Federica Pellegrini (born 5 August 1988) is an Italian swimmer. A native of Mirano, in the province of Venice, she is currently the women's 200 m freestyle (long course and short course) and 400 m (long course) freestyle world record holder. At the 2009 World Championships in Rome, Pellegrini became the first woman ever to breach the 4 minute barrier in 400 m freestyle with the time 3:59.15. Pellegrini is the first female Olympic champion in the history of Italian swimming; she is also the only Italian swimmer to have set world records in more than one event.

That's all

Love ya all

National Coverirl :))

Hello stardoll lovers :)
Today I have won National Covergirl for the 6th time :)
I'm so happy :))
Thanks for everyone who voted me :)
And thanks for reading me, you are amazing readers!!

Love you guys :)

Free Items

Free Fashion Factor Shoes

1)Log in stardoll, Go to this page:
2)Scroll down and on the -Enter your Gift Code- section, Paste this code:
3)Click on Redeem button
Shoes should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite [:

 Free Beauty & The Best Dress
~If you are from USA- You should already have it in your suite
~If you're not from USA - Follow these steps:
1. Go to a USA proxy like: OR OR 
2. Paste the Stardoll link into the blank box of the proxysite
3. Click Go/Browse or just hit Enter on your keyboard
4. Wait till Stardoll page loads
5. Log in to Stardoll
6. Wait till page loads
7. You can now leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual
You should find the dress in a Beauty And The Beats bag in your suite. (: 
 Free Animation childline Bear
~If you are from UK - Log in, click HERE and send an e-card.
~If you're not from UK - Follow these steps:
1. Go to a UK proxy like: OR OR OR 
2. Paste Stardoll link into the blank box of the proxysite
3. Click Go or just hit Enter on your keyboard
4. Log into Stardoll
5. Now paste the link below into the URL/Adress bar of the proxysite
6. Click Go or hit Enter on keyboard
7. Wait till page laods.
8. Now fill the From, To and Email boxes 
with anything and click Send e-card button. 
Important: the e-mail must be possible, for example (or any other valid email ending)
8. Wait till page loads
9. You can now leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual
The bear should be in a Starplaza box in your suite. :)

Free Stardollars & Starcoins
1st step
First of all, you need to connect your Stardoll account 
with your Facebook. If you've already connected them, read the 2nd step.
1. Log in to your Facebook and Stardoll accounts 
2. Go to My account page by clicking HERE
3. Scroll down to the end of the page until you find Facebook logo
4. Click Connect to Facebook
5. A pop-up widow will appear, 
after clicking Allow button it will disappear, Stardoll page will reload.
6. You should see You are now connected to Facebook! text.
7. Click Save Settings Button
2nd step
Now, to get the Starcoins (later - Stardollars):
1. Log in to Facebook
2. Click HERE
3. Wait till Stardoll app loads
4. A reward table should appear:
5. That's it, you just got your daily reward.
To get the other rewards, visit the Stardoll app daily.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Who is actually playing stardoll?

Hello everyone :)
Today I have entered this site
And I have found some information about it....
Now we know who is actually playing stardoll by knowing this facts
So as you see Young adults are mostly playing on stardoll... and a surprising fact is that even mothers are plaing it lol
From this we can learn that stardoll is a fun place for everyone!! No metter what's your age...

And look what facts I have found about the stardoll employees:

Female Workers: 43%(approx.) are female staff at Stardoll™
Male Workers: 57%(aprox.) are male staff at Stardoll™
Company size: 80 employees worldwide
The CEO of Stardoll, Mattias is 40 years old.
Mattias is also the CEO of Pizco
The median age for employees there is 29.

Hope you liked these facts :))

Love Ya all... <3