Monday, December 26, 2011

Who is actually playing stardoll?

Hello everyone :)
Today I have entered this site
And I have found some information about it....
Now we know who is actually playing stardoll by knowing this facts
So as you see Young adults are mostly playing on stardoll... and a surprising fact is that even mothers are plaing it lol
From this we can learn that stardoll is a fun place for everyone!! No metter what's your age...

And look what facts I have found about the stardoll employees:

Female Workers: 43%(approx.) are female staff at Stardoll™
Male Workers: 57%(aprox.) are male staff at Stardoll™
Company size: 80 employees worldwide
The CEO of Stardoll, Mattias is 40 years old.
Mattias is also the CEO of Pizco
The median age for employees there is 29.

Hope you liked these facts :))

Love Ya all... <3


Mandy said...

Im one of The Teens ;D

patush11 said...

Yes :)) But it's confosing couse I'm 17 ... I don'r know for whom I belong... to the teens or to the young adults lol XD

Mandy said...

lol xD

Daryp said...

I am in the teens group!!!

patush11 said...

Cool :D

Kohav said...

OMG soo cool!!! Thenx ;)

patush11 said...

Your welcome sweety :)

circca10 said...

OMG cool :D

Camirena Guadeloupe Lobey said...

great! co0L!

Anonymous said...

lol i'm one of the mums!!!! i joined with my daughter and wanted to play too. hehe