Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Miss Sixty-Must Haves-Pics

Hi!As MiiLeY__CyRuS posted,Miss Sixty brand has come out!

Fresh,New Collection!I like the whole collection!Here are the Must Haves of this collection!

Love it Hate it?

Tell us in the comments box!



Oktober 2009 Hotbuys!

The moment we all waiter for has come!New Hotbuys!Yeahh!!They are pretty cool but I dont like some pieces...:( :P
My favourites hotbuys are the 2 purses!They are so sweet!!
What do you think?
Do you like them or dislike them?
Tell us in the comments box!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back (not long) + MISS SIXTY!!

So..i actually thought when i saw Miss Sixty arrived in starplaza, that anybody would already have posted it now i do it :)

p.s. i do this from school, my computer at home is still not usable because we just moved in an other house, so everywhere's the hole chaos!

Anyway, the new miss sixty looks awesome!
I do think it's totally overpriced, i mean 30 sd for a maxi dress?!

But the black vest it cute && i think I'm goin to buy it!

Sorry for no picture, i'll give u one as soon as i can, but how i already mentioned: I'm still at school!

See ya soon when my computer is on!

xxx Nathalie

Friday, September 25, 2009

Starplaza Sale

Hey ya guys,
i just wanted to inform you that there's sale at starplaza since today.
Nothing special: The only things you can buy are the dress inspired by Balmain or the hole bikini collection which is available now for the half price.

P.S.: I am very busy with my move currently, i'm changing the house and my family and me are very stressed at the moment. So...I dont really know when i can go to the computer the next time.
I try to come back as soon as possible, promise!

Love ya all

xo Nathalie

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FREE Eid Dress!

NOTE: So now I do it right :)

1. Go to
2. Go to
3. Then log in to stardoll and you should get a red dress.

You may have guessed this is a gift from another country, to be exact it's turkish!
Thanks to stardoll insiders!

Hope it works!!

xo Nathalie

More Stardollars Sign

Ahhh....Have you seen the sign in the top of the page where a lot of categories are(Shop,Magazine,Dolls&Games)?Well Stardoll has added a new ''feauture''...More stardollars..

Also it is a different colour so that you can see it!I noticed it immediately!

They need more money..And the question is?Dont they have a lot of money???



LE just bought sign!

Hey!When I logged in today I saw in homepage a board which the members who just bought LE were shown there!

Its a nice idea but we dont really need it!I think it just for the members to see that a lot of people have bought LE and then they want to buy clothes too from LE!

Do you like the idea?



FREE Moxie Girls stuff

so...after you all have spent all your money on LE, heres sth free for you ;)

1. Go to or
2. Type in
3. Click on the link to cinema
4. Watch the video.
5. Go to your normal stardoll and go to your suite - Voilà !

Have fun with the free chair and the t-shirt ;)

xo Nathalie

LE bags!So cute...!

This is a guick post!I only want to show you(especially non superstars!)the LE bags!

When I say LE bags I mean the bag that are shown in your suite when you buy something!

Take a look at the bags..!

Arent the cute and sweet?

I love them!

What about you?

Do you like them?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hi...all you know that new LE is in shops!=)....mariaisabelfan already did post about it...:)..I love it!!I am very happy becasue there is new LE...and some of that are already sold out..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rate my outfit..1-5

Also I selling this..if you want,then write in my GB...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I need money for LE..haha..everybody are crazy about it..I love it..

What is your favourite piece?

New LE&Must Haves!

New LE came out today in Starplaza!

4 floors,Big Prices and ...nice clothes!

The clothes are uh-mazing!I will buy the Triangle Cut Out Tree:80sds &Black White Face Sweetshirt:75sds!

Here are the Must haves of this collection:

Unfortynately the 3rd dress is sold out at the moment!
Do you like the collection?
What do you think?
Tell us please in the comments box!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

LE store closed --> coming tomorrow?

look what i noticed:

i'm pretty sure the new collection releases tomorrow!
so start saving your money by selling :)

Have a nice day

xo Nathalie

Sunday, September 20, 2009

LE Coming very soon!

Hey ya dear readers, look what I received:

To interpret the mail, the new LE releases on monday!

What do you think?

xo Nathalie

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New dresses!

In starplaza are new dresses!:).Inspired by Betsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs...i love it!!

What do you think?Would you buy it?


Friday, September 18, 2009

40 Million Members News

Hey ya guys :)
Look what I found in one of my favourite blogs:

This is a stardoll-mail some of you probably know, because it's a message that was only sent to superstars. Wel...i'm not a superstar at the moment, but i decided to get one when I reach 2000 starpoints :)

New things:

1. When you buy more stardollars and click on the 2nd yellow button, you get 40 stardollars more!

2. All gifts that were available can send as gifts now!
So you can send the totally overpriced sparks, the ss-t-shirts (you'll never again ;D) or other stuff directly to your friends in their suite!

Huge thankyou to stardoll insiders!!

xo Nathalie ♥

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I´m new writer!!

Hiii!!I´m new writer for this blog.I´m very,very happy becasue mariaisabel give me this oportunity...thank you!:)..My name is Mihaela and I´m 12 years old.I´m from Croatia.I love fashion and I´m very active on i will be very active on this blog!!=D...I´m Avril14140 on Stardoll...:)..i will write again soon!!



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

40 Million Members Celebration Clothes &Stuff!


We almost reached 40 Million Members!It has been like yesterday!Right?We only needed 4-5 months having +10 million members!!Wow!

Happy Members Stardoll!!!(LOL)

So stardoll typically released some clothes and stuff!I am gonna buy the ballons to remember this special day!

What about you?

Will you buy anything?

Also did you notice that the 2 Tshirts are for superstars!(.....)

See ya!



Saturday, September 12, 2009

FREE Fame Clothes

Hey guys,
sorry for beein away i just had dance lessons yesterday && so i was so tired.
BUT: I got some fresh news for you

A complete Dance Outfit for free!

At first: Go to stardoll cinema to check if you get the clothes without a proxy. If not, follow the steps:

1. Use manual proxy and Port 80 or one of those proxys:

2. Go to

3. The clip must not load. Close window/remove manual proxy and go to your suite. Voilà!


xo Nathalie

Free Hotbuys Bag!

When I logged in today.I saw a bag in my suit.I opened it and I found the Hotbuy bag/purse in there for free!Lol I havent got idea how it happened!

Is it just me or it happened to you?(It is no longer free in Starplaza)

Tell us in the comments box!

Bathroom coming soon to Stardoll!

Hey!I found a picture (Stardoll Insiders) in Internet of a bathroom.Maybe toilettes will come to Stardoll?I dont kbow but take a look at this picture and tell me your opinion!

Lol it is kinda funny for me...

if they come to Stardoll,trust me I wont buy them.

Love them,Hate them?

Tell us in the comments box!



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Madonna 3 Spoiler

Madonna is coming soon to Stardoll in a new doll!(Finally).It is the 3rd doll of her .

Good Dressing!


I am back

Here I am,I came back from vacation and I am ready to start posting again!



40 Million Members Gift?!?

So, I found this ugly spoiler :( I really hope that this is not the present we get for 40 Million (!) members, if i is, man, do we really deserve sth like this??

BUT, i also found another spoiler I really liked:

Some things are already available at Starplaza, unfortunately only for superstars. I am waitin for the blue sequin dress, I really love it :)

Have a nice day!!

xo Nathalie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Non-Superstar Hot Buys Dress! first the disappointing thing is: the price! 15 sd :(
BUT, everybody is able to buy it so i would say its ok cuz Hot Buys are always expensive.
So...stardoll made another glitch (again!), look at the Shop: 30 Million Members??
Come on, stardoll! Fix it!
Have fun wih the dress if you buy it :)
xo Nathalie

FREE Pet Shop Awards Poster

So...this poster is not really pretty, but I thought I'll get it and tell you about it, too.

If you want it:
1. Use the manual proxy and Port 80 or use
2. Go to and log in.
3. Now it should be in your suite.

Have fun with it ;)

xo Nathalie

Monday, September 7, 2009

Last PSP Gift!

The last gift for you guys is a always:

1. Go to or and other US proxy.

2. Type in in the Proxy URL Bar.

3. Log in and close the window - Voilà!

Btw: Some ppl say that is usable again (remember the virus alarm?). I dont really know cuz i wanted to go save and used
Enjoy it, its the last!
xxx Nathalie

Inspired on Stardoll

So...this season stardoll is very inspired by many top designers!
Take a look at my favourites:


YSL Imperiale Pumps

Very classic and sophisticated - I ♥ them!

Do you like the inspired items?
Tell me plz by commenting!!

Love Nathalie

Almost 40 Million members!

I just discovered this a few days ago but i decided to wait until the amount is big enough to be worth to post about it :).
I am just wondering what the gifts will be like: Hopefully not ugly signs for 30 sd or something silly stuff like that!
xxx Nathalie

Stardoll Glitch!

So...i am back earlier than i thought ;) ...just discovered a little stardoll glitch (again!)
why is stardoll mistaking so much??
xxx Nathalie

Friday, September 4, 2009

FREE Jonas Brothers stuff

Haha, time for me, i love those guys badly and i am so excited to have a poster and a drum kit of these incredible guys!!!

Ok, enough, here's how to get the stuff ;):

1.Go to
2. Type in in the Proxy URL Bar
3.Log in and close the window after doin it.

1. Use this manual proxy: and Port 80.
2. Use this link:
3. Log in and close the window.

Hope it works!! Have fun with it!! :)

Love Nathalie

P.S. I wont be on stardoll for the next 3 days cuz i'm spending a week-end with my lovely music group :)
See you again on monday!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Miss Sixty on stardoll finally?

So...i found this hot hot spoiler from Miss Sixty:

And these would be the clothes:

The discussion of Miss Sixty on stardoll has begun a long time ago, many users were enerving stardoll by asking for it :)

Can we soon get the clothes?

Hope so!!

xo Nathalie ♥

5th Hannah Montana Gift

So...a new present is out to celebrate the Hannah Montana Movie DVD and Blu-Ray!

You NEED a manual proxy!

1. Log into your stardoll

2. Use this proxy: and Port 80. (scroll down to see how to use a manual proxy)


xo Nathalie :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free TV!

Some of you may already have it (i wasnt one of them), but now i finally got my own cute TV in my suite!!
It includes clips from Confessions Of A Shopaholic, Jonas Brothers Concert scenes and Princess Protect Program. The new thing are the clips of Wizards On Deck!! (2 clips)

Get it now!!

1. Use or another US proxy.
IMPORTANT: Don't use !!!!! It has apparently a VIRUS, dont use it!!! (If you used it, plz run a virus scan!!)

2. Go to

3. Log in

4. There's a small window 'Wizards on deck' TV (see it under the big one where e.g. the new stardolls are showen up). Click on it and you'll be delivered to your suite.

5. Wait a few seconds, then close the window.


Have fun with it (if you just got it like me) :D

xo Nathalie