Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do you have questions for Stardoll?

Stardoll Help
Do you have any questions or problems with Stardoll?
Then you found the right post!Here in this post you will be asking me(mariaisabelfan)and all of the writers of Stardoll News&Tips for any questions.The questions will be answered by any writer of this blog max.2 days later so you will have to wait a long time!
Please understand if we don't answer the question in 2 days ,we will sure answer it soon!

You might have seen that I have added an element in the right side of the blog which says: How-Help with Stardoll!Below it,there are all the answers of your questions and this post will be there forever!



Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't have an account, but on stardoll, I am shey10
I have a problem with stardoll, and I wrote to them before, but they didn't answer.
They won't let me save my sceneries (I can make only club sceneries ) it says : in order so save more sceneries you must first delete one.
I deleted many of them, and all of my frineds got even more sceneries than I do ! that's not fair....
Can you help me ?
xoxo shey10

Anonymous said...

hi , my name in stardoll is muaaaaaa , could u please answer me this question : what is the diference in sale and trade , some girls say buy now for 350 or 1000 , please answer me!! , please♥

Anonymous said...

my name on tardoll is i.rox.xoxo

this girl gave me a ss code but i dont know how to use it. How do u use a ss code?

Mandy said...

My Name is Mandy And My Name on Stardoll is xoxo-pink-xoxo.

i have a very importanat questions and btw srry im bad at speling.;P

So My Question..i was visiting girls suite and i found a girl who sell shoses but when i wanted 2 buy them they wright"this Shose is DESINGD By........"and i was like what!!! DESINGED how did she i asked her how but she never answerd Me..So Can u Help?

Anonymous said...

Hey how do you overlap fonts in your presentation? and how do u get different fonts to the ones available? When I tried the background by highlighting each line, they came out wonky:( plz help

(kakshababla my stardoll user)

PS i think i posted it in another post before.

Anonymous said...

I have two questions: Does Justin Bieber have an account on Stardoll?
And if he does, what is his name in Stardoll?

Anonymous said...

How to get more starpoints I dont know?
Please help!

Justin Bieber Tickets said...

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Anonymous said...

hi, someone wants to buy my LE chain necklace and my mka bow tank but i dont know how much theyre worth, any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hey, on stardoll, i'm minty897
Anyways i was wondering how to use html codes for my presentation on stardoll, and if it will work with internet explorer or if i must use firefox. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

why did you have to changed stardollars in to starcoins

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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