Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hello,I found in an other blog this picture and I decided that I have to show you it!

I hope they will be free!

Also big changes in Stardoll!
The other writer,lipgloss_babe91 has posted an article about but I want to add something
You can move your mirror and the shelves in your main room!For some members this will be fantastic but in my opinion my suite without the mirror doesnt match!

What do you think?
tell us your opinion in the comments box!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stardolls new look!

WOW a lot of stuff can change in one night! Have you seen the changes?
Well one of my favorite is the fact we can now go into other peoples styling studios!
Yeah i no like wow!
Here I am abusing our very own mariaisabelfan,oh will she freak when she sees this xD

As always click image to enlarge!

Next on the agenda finding out how many items she has in each room

Wow well whats everyone think of the changes? cool ehh, but we still haven't got a safe trading system >:( lets keep crossin' those virtual fingers girls xx

Monday, April 27, 2009

Play &Earn Fress Stardollars

I love Stardoll's Idea.You can play games and earn stardolars.

But you can only get 5 sds a day...

They are special games and there are more coming soon!

The stardollars that you earn are only available for 12 hours.(I think)



Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stardoll Birthday Cake!

For Stardoll 3rd Birthday Stardoll made a new game. In this game you can decorate a Birthday Cake for Stardoll.

So check it out and have fun and enjoin Stardoll's Birthday!


Butterfly Outfits!

In the Starplaza there are butterfly wings. I like the wings very much so I made butterfly outfits one for non-superstars and one for superstars.

This one is for non-superstars:

Blue Morpho Wings 5 sd

Slingback Sandals 5 sd

Flower Skirt 4 sd

Victoria Top 5 sd

This one is for superstars:

Cloudless Sulphur Wings 6sd

Geometric Sheer Dress 7 sd

Lemondrop Flats 4 sd

I hope you like them!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stardoll Party:Clothes

Hello,I went to starplaza and I noticed that Clothes for the Stardoll's Birthday are out.
It is a Aly&Aj Jacket a jumsuit a skirt and others.
I bought the Aly&Aj Jacket because I think that it will be rare in the future!
All of the above clotges are for NoN-Superstars and cheap!

Take a look:

i dont really like them.....


Stardoll 30 Million Party

Hello,Thanks to stardoll top designers
I found this picture of the stardoll birthday party!

Arent you excited?It says that will play games and you will earn FREE STARDOLLARS AND YU WILL BUY SPECIAL CELEBRATING CLOTHES FROM AN EXCLUSIVE SHOP!!!



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More New Dot Make up?

Hello,look what I found!!
A picture from the new dot make up.
It is a picture with lipgloss!
I hope it will come soon in Starplaza!
Take a look:

Picture from other blog

What do you think?

Do you have more pictures!

Tell us in the comment box!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

LunaticFromMars-winner of StarplazaModels


the winner of my club StarplazaModels is LunaticFromMars !

She has unique style and she is a model!here are some pictures!

visit her here!She is so beautiful!!!

Louis Vuitton on Chinese Stardoll-Pictures

Hello,look what I found in chinese stardoll!

Louis Vuitton was out for 1 hour and the bags were really expensive!(100-200)
lol i am so happy.Maybe Louis Vouitton will come in our stardoll!!!!!!

Here are the pictures:

Pictures from Club free Stuff
What do you think?
Tell us your opinion!

Headband Heaven

Head bands=Hot, right? But some of us just don't have the stardollars to fork out for expensive hair accessories like the new HBs headband for 7sd!
So here are a few alternatives (click the image to enlarge) :)

Haha I got a lil carried away xD I've made loads of different looks and Headbands are going to be huge this summer so make sure you get yours xx

Friday, April 17, 2009

New LE-Must Haves

Hello,sorry for not posting!

Anyway the new LE has come out .

Prices-More Expensive Than EVER.

Clothes-Nice but too girly and pink...

Do you know what I liked the most?The bag whith your LE clothes!Isnt it cute?

Here are my favourite pieces of the LE Spring 2009:

I bought the pink dress-175 sds(now I havent got stardollars:()

What have you bought?

Did you like the brand?

What was your favourite dress/shoes e.t.c.?

Tell us in the comment box!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Free Chihuahua !!!!

Free cute Chihuahua !!!
Follow these steps:

1. Go into
2. Type in:

3. Log in

4. Wait a few second.

5. Log out and go to your normal stardoll

6. Go to your suite and it will be near the mirrow!!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LE Gifts for the LE buyers

Hello!If u have bought something from the Valentine's LE Collection you will get 2 charms!Dont cha love them?

Tell me your opinion!



Colour costs!

At first i thought this was just a one off that stardoll was charging more for the SAME item just a different colour. But look at the latest skirts to hit the starplaza? Yes apparently it cost them more to use the colour pink :O how strange when they made the pink stereo bag, the green cost more? Strange, confusing and unfortunately only the nuts at stardoll know the truth behind these decisions xD x

Nearly 30 Million members!!!!

Hey guys I am the new writer of this blog.
I just saw at stardoll that we nearly reached 30 millions members.

I am exited what we will get what do you think?
When stardoll reached 20 Million members we got 20 stardollars and some stuff.
I can´t wait!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LE is closed for renovation!!

You have to take a look at this picture!Qwe already know that LE will come out but look what stardoll has made:

lol I cant wait!

Perfect Make -Up!

Hello!New banner!lipgloss_babe91 made it!DONT CHA LOVE IT?

Anyway look at this great look:

I have used Sephora Items such as white eye pencil,white eye shadow,mascara,blush and fake eye lashes!
I think this look is great!
Tell me your opinion!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New LE coming out soon?

Hello,I found this picture of the new LE and i thought that it would be great to show it to you!

What do you think?
If u know more please tell us!

Read before you buy :) (and Hi t'is me the new writer)

Hi I'm the new writer :) thought it was about time i made an appearance.
As you may have seen some of the lovely new stuff from all the spoilers is now in the starplaza tho not without a hefty price. That's right the dress is 9sd :O

So before you go splashin' the cash ladies my advice would be to zip up your virtual purses and wait for a sale. This is also a good idea as the new L.E is on its way.
Yes it may look like a load of crap but hopefully their keeping the good stuff hostage till the grand revealing! x