Friday, April 30, 2010

Huh?New Starplaza Makeover!

The title says it all!I went to Starplaza for my daily shopping and I noticed some changes!Take a look!
Noticed that HOT and NEW is a different style?Oh and it wasn't like that when you wanted to buy a furniture!

THOUGHTS?Share them with us in the COMMENTS BOX!

look a like a celebrity


The look

Sorry I didn't have time to write the price...

Comment plzz...

hit or miss?


Thursday, April 29, 2010

spoilers=) YEEEEY

NEW spoilers...

Did you like the dresses?

comment please=)


Make up turtoral

Hi everyone
Here is how i do make up turtorals for a girly look
here it is

Next time: goth look


spoilers!!! YeeeY :-D

I hate the red butterfly ...

I have butterfly phobia:-(


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new spoilers

Heey all Stardoll fan=)

What's up?

I have some new spoilers 2 you;-)


Free MacDonald's T-Shirt

Hey just follow the steps and you will have a MacDonald's T-Shirt delivered to your suite!
1.Go to
2.Now put this link in the blank URL Box
3.Log in
4.Close the proxy and go to your suite!
You will have the T-Shirt!

NOTE:The proxy is way too slow so please be patient!
Thanks to Underneath Stardoll 


Antidote is OUT!

Antidote is out!I just LOVE the collection the colours are awesomee!The prices range from 15 to 100.I think I will  be spending 100 sds in this collection!
Here are some pictures!


Dkny going to go forever?

Hi everyone
I know mariaisabelfan posted about the Dkny sale but i have something else to say
Well most of you know Dkny is on sale well on stardoll on the homepage it says "Farewell Sale: Last Chance to Buy Dkny" so does that mean Dkny might go??

Hey i am the new writer

Hi everyone

I am a new writer on Stardoll News And Tips and i am really happy that i am a writer on this blog :)

If you want to see my profile on stardoll my username is shontelle569

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Next FREE Harajuku Outfit!

Just a quick post telling you how to get the free harajuku outfit!You have to be logged in!

FREE Beach Dress :D

Just follow the steps and you will have a beach dress delivered to your suite!
NOTE:If you are from Turkey you just need to go to this link:

If you aren't from Turkey just follow the steps!
  1.  Go to
  2. In the proxie's blank URL box put this link:
  3. Log in 
  4. Now in the PROXIES URL BOX put this link:

Close the proxy go to stardoll and you will have the beach dress!


DKNY on SALE!(+General SALE)

Heyyy finally DKNY is on sale!Yeaahh and the best thing is that there is not only 50% sale but 25% in some dresses for example!I'm really happy!I think I'm gonna buy anything lol : DThe priceess are soo cheap like 2or 3 or 4 e.t.c stardollars!
In addition there is a general sale in Starplaza beggining today!
So have funn shopping  : D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Still there :)

Hey everyone,

I know I haven't been posting for some days, and this might still go on. I'm very sorry. I really don't want to leave mariaisabelfan alone with this blog, but at the moment I'm so busy with school projects & exams that I don't have to time to write posts. Whenever I'm able to, I'm trying to inform you bout the newest stuff, but it's hard to do that for me nowadays.

When I'm not that busy anymore, I'll be back directly :)

I love you all guys

xoxo Nathalie

May Hotbuys

May Hotbuys are out and I love them!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to become a FOLLOWER.

Hey!You really want to become a follower in a blog but you just don't know!Well in this post you will learn how!
1.Go to the blog you want(for example Stardoll News&Tips)
2.In the sidebar you will notice a board named Followers.
3.Click the button that says Folow.
4.Now you will have to choose with which account you will follow.
5.Click the type of site in which you have an account.If you don't have any account on any site then you can create one it's really easy!
Follow the instructions and you are officially a follower of the blog!

Why do I need to be a follower?
Being a follower makes the owners of the blog more concetraded to their blog becuase they know that someone reads them daily.In addition here in Stardoll News&Tips from now on if you want to take part in a blog's competition you will need to be a follower!

So what do you think?Will you become a follower?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trash Art Scenery Contest!

There's a new Scenery Contest in Stardoll running until 20nd March!You have to create a scenery!I find the competition pretty cool and that's why I took part in the competition!You can see and vote myy scenery if you click HERE!
Tipps for a cool scenery:
  • Be creativee
  • Don't copy others
  • Use your imagination

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Make Up Brand coming on Stardoll ?

Hello we all want a new make up brand to come in Stardoll and i think it will.After a stardoll petition for bringing back Sephora(click here if you still haven't signed)I think Stardoll will launch a new make up brand!
And here is the proof!Look at these recent polls in Stardoll!
What do you think?Tell us in the comments box!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Recycle Feature

Helloo there is a new feauture in Stardoll called Recyle!The icon is located in your suite next to the storage!So here is what you can do with the Recycle Feauture!
-You get 1sd per day if you recycle one thing(more than 1 thing per day you don't get extra stardollars)
-Unfortunateky it is only for superstars this feauture :(
-You can only recycle items which cost more than 2 sds!


Free Okapi(Endagered Piece)

(Came back from holidays I had a fantastic time : D)
So the new free endangered piece for this month is Okapi!
So can get it by clicking here and then click adopt me!