Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Make-Up??

Hello everyone!I searched the Internet and you can see what I found!!A mascara!

A new make-up store may come out in Stardoll.
As you can see on the lower part of the mascara it says
I havent got idea what it means so if u knoiw anything tell me!

Sephora Closes.. :(

OMG Sephora closes and I can't blieve it!Stardoll without a make-up store!Are you kidding me???I cant imagine Stardoll withiout a Make -up Store...

But maybe a New Make-Up Store will open like MAC??

Look at the pictures if Sephora-to remember the store :(


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free 2 T-Shirts and Bag

Go to Starplaza there are 2 T-shirt(one for girls and the other for boys) and a bag which they are FREE!!!!They are about the Earth Hour(all the world in 28 March from 20.30-21.30 will close the lights)!Go and Buy them because they will be limited!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Old Hotbuy for 3 sds!!!

OK you probably know that there is a old hotbuy out in Starplaza for a long time for 7 sds!Now it costs 3 sds!!!!Buy it cause it is a old Hotbuy!


Littlest Pet Shop

Hello everyone!In the minishop Littlest Pet Shop puppys are out!They have already come out months ago but they werent the same!

One animal is free and the pthers cost only 1 stardollar!Buy them because they will be limited!

Also if u are from Canada and USA go to the Cinema watch a trailer with Littlest Pet Shop and you will get a free coala!

If u are not from there use a proxy like !

If u have any questions ask me in the comment box and I will answer whenever I can!

Catwalk is different!

Stardoll has added a new feauture in the Catwalk in the magazine!They show the names of the models in thne catwalk!


I think it is great!You can see the names of the models!What is your opinion?Tell me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

April Hotbuys 2009

Hello everyone!Here are the April Hotbuys!

I think they are not the best but they are OK!
I like most the pursw amd the blue dress.The headband is OK!
My favourite is the necklacke!
I hope they will be for Non-Superstars too and not expensive!
What is your opinion?
Love them Hate them?
Tell us!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Antidote Brand

Finally,the new brand Antidote has come out!The clothes are expensive but not as expensive as LE!If I could buy them(because I am not a Superstar)I would have bought the Hangers and The T-shirt (the one with the Antidote Letters!)

Take a look at them!

What do you think?What ius youe opinion?Tell us in the comments' box!

aimzo11-The Winner of The Competition

Hello everyone!In my club starplaza___ we had a had to guess a number from 0 to 200 and as i said the winner would be feautured in this blog!The lucky number was 16 and aimzo11 found it!

Here she is!If u want to visit her click here

Congrate her!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3rd DKNY Necklacke is out!

The 3rd DKNY Necklacke is out in Starplaza!This necklacke was my favourite until I saw the price!

40 stardollars????

Are you kidding me?

Who would buy that?

Here are some pictures of it!

What do you think?
Tell me your opinion!

St.Patricks Day Clothes and Furniture


As you may have already seen in Starplaza there are some new clothes and furniture that are very cheap!

Here they are:

The board costs only 1 stardollar and the pillow 3!I bought them!The dress is cute and so is the necklacke !
They will probably be limited so if u want something buy it now!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Free Items when you become Member!

Stardoll has added a new feature!!

When you become a member you can buy 3 free items as you can see it below!

So if u want them ,create a new account!That is what I'm gonna

St.Patrick's Day on Stardoll

Hello everyone!As you may have seen clothes for the St.Patrick's Day have come out!

I will show you my outfit with these clothes!

These clothes have already come out last year!I remember them in Starplaza when I became member!
The clothes are OK !I like very much the wings!
What is your opinion?
Tell us in The Comments Box!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Antidote - New L.E. collection???

OMG i found this picture from other blogs and i decided to show it to you....

It may be a brand like LE!
It is for superstars( not a superstar)and i bet they will be overprised!!
If u know more about them comment please!

Personally I dont like them..I wouldn't buy them even if they were cheap...What is your opinion??

Saturday, March 14, 2009

White Black To The Future Styled Outfits

Here is it!A new Theme I found it great!

Here is an outfit from this theme made BY ME!!

Hope you like it!

Tell me your opinion in my outfit and the stardoll's outfits!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Superstar VS Non Superstar


I will show you 2 outfits(one superstar and one non-superstar)which are almost the same but the superstar outfit is more expensive!So here they are:

Non Superstar Outfit:

This outfit costs 18 sds!

Now look at the Superstar Outfit:

This outfit costs 24 sds!
So here are the results:The Non superstar outfit is for non superstar too and it is cheaper and the superstar outfit is only for superstar and it costs 6 sds more!!
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2 New Hairstyles-Tips

Hi everyone!
This is my first post!
I will show you 2 New Hairstyles which they have come out.
They are not my style but they are very fashionable!

Here they are:

I like it,it is for boys and girls both!

Here is the second one:

I dont like a lot this hairstyle....It is too 2oths

But look at them when the medolls with this hairstyle have got make-up and jewellery:

I think it is a great look!What do you think?
Please tell me what do you think of all these looks in the comments box!!


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