Friday, October 30, 2009

FREE + HIDDEN can get this thing -does anybody know what you do with it?- for free at starplaza today.

But hurry, it might be only available today, because the Turkish Republic Day is only on 29th october.
And...I'm getting a crisis, there appear more and more hidden items, and of course I have to post all those items, which were 'out' of starplaza.

For this stuff (haircolor, dog, spider *grr*, the butterfluy and the lily), click HERE

If you only want the color and the dye, you can search in your normal starplaza as well, they just don't appear in the DOREE shop.


For a Hilary Duff poster, a rose and a star, click HERE


If you still don't got the beloves Sephora Face Cleanser, click HERE
It's free, of course.


If you want to play with the 1st season LE and some other stuff, click HERE

That's everything (for the moment!)

Credits to &

xxx Nathalie

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Next Free PSP gift

So..I'm just playing the reminder, you have to get your next free gift from PSP UK ;)

1. Go to or

2. Type in

3. Click on the surfboard.

4. Go to your normal suite and you're done!

xxx Nathalie

Free Dress

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Hello...I am sorry I didnt post in last time...:/..I was be quite busy with my school..This and last week I had so much tests...:O...
But I need to find more time for writing

Well...there is a new free dress...
Go on: and then just type in search box...
Log in...and click on this locations:

your starbazar
medoll editor
dolls and games
and help section

When you click on each of that (guestbook,album,etc)...find piece of dress and click on it!

Girl With Pearls-Contest

Hello,new contest running on Stardoll!You have to dress up ''Girl with Pearls''and the winners will win stardollars!Also the Girl With Pearl doll is from the new theme on stardoll :Vermeer Mortals

Here are some pictures and the way I dressed the doll for the comp:



How to wear...?

I was reading The Sartorialist, and I got so inspired, as always when I see the pictures he takes. and brown together?

I think the combo from blue and brown looks always cool, and with good fitting jeans and some classic pumps, the outfit looks stylish, but not too overdressed.

• Hooded Sweater Vest, Stardoll, 7 sd

• Brown High Waisted Belt, RIO, 5 sd

• Stretch Jeans, Bisou, 5 sd

• Grab Bag, RIO, 4 sd

• Stilettos, Pretty In Pink, 4 sd

Except for the hooded sweater vest, everything is non-ss.

...Shiny Leggings?

I spotted this outfit at the Paris Fashion Week, the best friend of the french Vogue head editor, Carine Roitfeld, wore it at one of the shows.

I like the combo from elegant and casual: A loose stripe t-shirts gets cool with hot stilettos.

• Striped T-Shirt, Fudge, 5 sd

• Sevigny Blazer, Bisou, 10 sd

• Leggings, RIO, 6 sd

• Strappy Platforms, Miss Sixty, 14 sd

...lace tights?

This is absolutely my favorite look, because it's so unusual, but you could spot it often at the streets in Paris.
Everybody can wear lace tights with a nice dress and boots or stilettos, but NOT everybody would wear them with a Hoodie and Sneakers like this!
The clou is the breach of style: Casual Hoodie, casual sneakers, elegant tights and the basic jeans skirt.
• Agyness Hoodie, Fudge, 7 sd

• Black Jeans Skirt, RIO, 5 sd

• Abstract lace tights, Miss Sixty, 14 sd

• Gold Trim Sneakers, Baby Phat, 9 sd

Hope you liked the looks!!

Of you have any ideas, my guestbook is always open!

Love Nathalie

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Favorite Overknees

So..I want to buy some overknees, because they are actually so en vogue, and I wanted to ask you for YOUR FAVORITES:

1. Teal Thigh High Boots, Stardoll, 6 sd
2. Bandage Thigh High Boots, Tingeling Halloween Couture, 30 sd
3. Contrast To Thigh High Boots, Tingeling Halloween Couture, 28 sd
4. Hot Buys Overknee Boots, RIO Chicas, 8 sd
5. Slashed Over the Knee Boots, Bisou, 5 sd
6. 80s Slouchy Knee Boots, Fallen Angel, 6 sd
7. Asymmetrical Thigh High Boots, Fallen Angel, 7 sd

Cast you vote by commenting!

Love Nathalie xx

More Hidden Stuff

So..there's even more hidden stuff on Starplaza -surprise!-, and for me, it's getting really annoying to be honest.
Stardoll Shop

Do you remember this shop? That was the 1st shop I've ever seen on starplaza, but I was so confused, that I only took black top, instead of you grabbing it all ;) because the clothes were free.

Well, the clothes cost now (What a big surprise, stardoll!), if you want to get some stuff, click here:

Baby Phat inspired Jewellery

Yeah, some nice pieces, all non-ss (oh wonder!), except (of course!) the black hoops.

Click here to get them in your dressingroom (remember, NOT for free!):,13173,13174,13176,13177,13180

Leopard Outfit

Yeah, I'm still not done, there's even more that the stardoll 'detectives' have found.

A leopard outfit for men, and I give all men a good advice:

If you really want a leopard coat, go to Tingeling, there's almost the same leo coat un sale, 16 sd cheaper! But hurry, only till the end of this month!

If you though want to have the clothes click here:,337,346

This is everything for the moment (and it's enough!) :)
Thanks to the stardoll insiders

xx Nathalie

another stardoll glitch

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

(New Runway) Spoilers!

UPDATE: Callie just posted it via Twitter from Facebook, these are new designer creations.

Here you go:
Don't wonder, I have a twitter account (I'm very active btw ;D), so I get those pics earlier :)

What do you think?

xx Nathalie

More hidden clothes

Yeah, at the moment, there are many old clothes getting discovered, which are not anymore available at starplaza.

Here are some boys and girls clothes (mostly from HOLA, but also stuff from VOILE or RIO),46,198,218,222,257,710,23,26,55,185,195

I won't buy any of these, but probably you?

xxx Nathalie

The StarBlog-Check it out!

Hello my readers!In this post I just wanted to tell you to visit the blog ''The StarBlog''.

It has just got started and tova123(the owner of the blog)wants to get her blog a little famous so I hope you visit it!

If u visit it ,then she will start writing posts and it will be a really nice blog!

Please visit it!

If u want to, CLICK HERE!

It also has nice graphics!I lovee it!<3



Mary Kate-Ashley Olsen Posters!!!!!

Hello my readers!I just wanted to inform you that you can get some Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen posters!They are for superstars and they cost 6 sds!

I remember I bought one of the poster a year

Clickit and it will drive you to the Starplaza with your posters in your Shopping Basket!

Hope I helped!


stardoll has deleted all the club protesting again the 1 stardoller a day ban

i am soo angry about this


Monday, October 26, 2009

Free PSP UK Stuff

Guys, I am very sorry for posting this so late!!!

The stuff is available already for a while, but I just searched a way get them because it was not working for me!

1. Go to or

2. Type in

3. You have to CLICK on the thing you want. This time it's the guitar, but you are still able to get the other presents (t-shirt and bag) by just clicking on them, too!

Please don't be angry with me, I'm so sorry!!

xx Nathalie

Starplaza News

So, I got some news for you from Starplaza. You can get some items by clicking on several links, if you like them, here you go:

Scarlett Dress

VOILE, costs 9 sd, only for Superstars


Sephora Eyeshadow

Yeah, there are still 2 eyeshadows existing of our beloved beauty brand, which was gone about a half year ago.

It's a dusty pink one and a baby blue one.

I bought the old pink eyeshadow, it's my first and last Sephora Eyeshadow ;)

Link for both:,13077


xxx Nathalie

Message from Stardoll

Hey guys,

today I received this message from stardoll:

the 1 Stardollar per day campaign is over, however, you can earn up to 5 stardollars every day with Play & Earn.
Your Stardoll Staff'


They take away our basis of stardoll life and write only one sentence to explain all that??

I muss confess, I'm so angry!

What do you think of all this?

Comment please and tell me your opinions!!

xxx Nathalie

1 Stardollar per Day: Turn 3!

News for everyone!

So..the famous graphic designer Reira422 has made a blog against this,too.
She has also created this fabulous picture:

Become a follower and help fighting for our stardollar!

I will keep you always online with what happens! Return to our blog and you'll know everything!

xx Nathalie

Some music :)

Hi everyone :)

I thought I'll get you some music :) this is new single of Lady GaGa, called 'Bad Romance', and I'm really impressed of it. Unfortunately, i don't have myflashfetish or mixpod, and, to be honest, I got to many accounts at the moment, so I don't create another.

It releases on iTunes UK tomorrow, and worldwide on 27th october.

Comment please!

Love Nathalie

1 Stardollar per Day: Turn 2!

So, how I already told you, the '1 Stardollar a Day'- Campaign ended.

But: There are new ways to protest against it: New clubs were founded by members:

I got the links for you, so join TODAY, the more members, the higher the chance to get probably our stardollar back!

UPDATE: The club 1stardollaraday has been DELETED, i don't know if it was stardoll or the owner, it's deleted!




Join to help!!

xxx Nathalie

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stardoll Impulse-Check it out!

Hello in this post I wanted to post about a really nice album!It can be called a mag too!The creator is Monica-Lea!

Here are some pictures of the mag:

Isnt it wow???
Rate it comment it!
It is the best!