Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to wear...?

I was reading The Sartorialist, and I got so inspired, as always when I see the pictures he takes. and brown together?

I think the combo from blue and brown looks always cool, and with good fitting jeans and some classic pumps, the outfit looks stylish, but not too overdressed.

• Hooded Sweater Vest, Stardoll, 7 sd

• Brown High Waisted Belt, RIO, 5 sd

• Stretch Jeans, Bisou, 5 sd

• Grab Bag, RIO, 4 sd

• Stilettos, Pretty In Pink, 4 sd

Except for the hooded sweater vest, everything is non-ss.

...Shiny Leggings?

I spotted this outfit at the Paris Fashion Week, the best friend of the french Vogue head editor, Carine Roitfeld, wore it at one of the shows.

I like the combo from elegant and casual: A loose stripe t-shirts gets cool with hot stilettos.

• Striped T-Shirt, Fudge, 5 sd

• Sevigny Blazer, Bisou, 10 sd

• Leggings, RIO, 6 sd

• Strappy Platforms, Miss Sixty, 14 sd

...lace tights?

This is absolutely my favorite look, because it's so unusual, but you could spot it often at the streets in Paris.
Everybody can wear lace tights with a nice dress and boots or stilettos, but NOT everybody would wear them with a Hoodie and Sneakers like this!
The clou is the breach of style: Casual Hoodie, casual sneakers, elegant tights and the basic jeans skirt.
• Agyness Hoodie, Fudge, 7 sd

• Black Jeans Skirt, RIO, 5 sd

• Abstract lace tights, Miss Sixty, 14 sd

• Gold Trim Sneakers, Baby Phat, 9 sd

Hope you liked the looks!!

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Love Nathalie

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