Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Favorite Overknees

So..I want to buy some overknees, because they are actually so en vogue, and I wanted to ask you for YOUR FAVORITES:

1. Teal Thigh High Boots, Stardoll, 6 sd
2. Bandage Thigh High Boots, Tingeling Halloween Couture, 30 sd
3. Contrast To Thigh High Boots, Tingeling Halloween Couture, 28 sd
4. Hot Buys Overknee Boots, RIO Chicas, 8 sd
5. Slashed Over the Knee Boots, Bisou, 5 sd
6. 80s Slouchy Knee Boots, Fallen Angel, 6 sd
7. Asymmetrical Thigh High Boots, Fallen Angel, 7 sd

Cast you vote by commenting!

Love Nathalie xx

1 comment:

lipgloss_babe91 said...

If your just buying one pair id say numba 4 coz the black will go with anything. You can have the design at the top showing or cover it up with a longer skirt/dress.

Thought i have bought numba 2 myself because i just fell in love with them xD

I also intend to buy nomba's 3 and 4 =D