Monday, October 26, 2009

1 Stardollar per Day: Turn 2!

So, how I already told you, the '1 Stardollar a Day'- Campaign ended.

But: There are new ways to protest against it: New clubs were founded by members:

I got the links for you, so join TODAY, the more members, the higher the chance to get probably our stardollar back!

UPDATE: The club 1stardollaraday has been DELETED, i don't know if it was stardoll or the owner, it's deleted!




Join to help!!

xxx Nathalie


mariaisabelfan said...

It is so unfair for SS and for NON SS !I joined the clubs and I think everyone should enjoy!:)

chic9899 said...

since the stardoll a day program has ended then start playing those games to earn 5$ or just become a superstar im getting that for christmas lols!!!!! stop by my suite ,i always vote people covergirl a good rating and i leave gifts so plz help me i never gotten a real gift.

kika.wildchild.sweetypie. said...

i'm disappointed....they're so unfair...:(...i joined the second club because i couldn't find the first one...:(

Anonymous said...

i know some way of getting free stardollars.. i tried it twice already. but dont do it every time beacasue the administrator might knew that you are fooling them.. all you need to do is..
send e-mail to:
put in the subject: my account had been hacked.
and to the message, put there you have been hacked. put also the amount that lost. should be 1k - 15k only.. and you put there how long your account has been hacked, should be a week only! then put your username and password.
(you will just pretend that you've been hacked)
it would be like this:
please help me, ive been hacked for almost a week my $12,000 stardollar was lost. (any message)

username: hanna0921
password: ilovehim

then they will email you after a day or an hour that the money that you lost will be sent to your stardoll account....