Friday, October 30, 2009

FREE + HIDDEN can get this thing -does anybody know what you do with it?- for free at starplaza today.

But hurry, it might be only available today, because the Turkish Republic Day is only on 29th october.
And...I'm getting a crisis, there appear more and more hidden items, and of course I have to post all those items, which were 'out' of starplaza.

For this stuff (haircolor, dog, spider *grr*, the butterfluy and the lily), click HERE

If you only want the color and the dye, you can search in your normal starplaza as well, they just don't appear in the DOREE shop.


For a Hilary Duff poster, a rose and a star, click HERE


If you still don't got the beloves Sephora Face Cleanser, click HERE
It's free, of course.


If you want to play with the 1st season LE and some other stuff, click HERE

That's everything (for the moment!)

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xxx Nathalie


lipgloss_babe91 said...

Hay the free evil eye is to ward off evil. They sell them over in turkey =] i have one myself and they also put them on bracelets key chains ect.
I think your supposed to hang it up in your suite like i did =D xXxXx

Anonymous said...

u cant buy the le

Anonymous said...

u cant buy the le

Anonymous said...

u cant buy the le

Anonymous said...

u cant buy the le

MiiLeY__CyRuS said...

of course you can't buy the LE, it was limited.
but you can though play with the clothes (if you want to)

Anonymous said...

i can't find the hair and the dye in the starplaza...:(

Stardoll-Weekly managers said...

Of course you can't buy the LE, it's limited and can never be bought through Starplaza again. Isn't that why they called it 'Limited Edition'?