Friday, September 18, 2009

40 Million Members News

Hey ya guys :)
Look what I found in one of my favourite blogs:

This is a stardoll-mail some of you probably know, because it's a message that was only sent to superstars. Wel...i'm not a superstar at the moment, but i decided to get one when I reach 2000 starpoints :)

New things:

1. When you buy more stardollars and click on the 2nd yellow button, you get 40 stardollars more!

2. All gifts that were available can send as gifts now!
So you can send the totally overpriced sparks, the ss-t-shirts (you'll never again ;D) or other stuff directly to your friends in their suite!

Huge thankyou to stardoll insiders!!

xo Nathalie ♥

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Avril14140 said...

Yeah..i very cool!!!:)