Saturday, December 31, 2011

The gift from the Stardoll facebook app

Hi everyone :))
Do you remember about the 5 stardollars from the Facebook Stardoll app... So every 5 days we are getting something special...
5 days ago I've got 5 free stardollars and today I've got 40 starcoins and this cute top:
Can't wait to see what we are going to get in the next 5th day :P
So just login into this facebook app everyday and you will get all these amazing freebies :))

Tell me in the comments... what do you think about this top?



artico5 said...


foivoula said...

cuteeeeee :3

Camirena Guadeloupe Lobey said...

i have not facebook! NOT fair

Anonymous said...

Well if you dont have a Facebook account then QHY SONT YOU MAKE ONE?Lyk really.-.-

circca10 said...

Wow! Cool :)

Kim Vigil said...

i have not facebook! NOT fair