Friday, December 30, 2011

Stardesign Jewelery Toutrail : Closed Eyes

Im So So Soooo Sorry i Didnt Log in Since 3 Days Ago
Im Sick & Also Have Flu, If i Stayed on The
Internet for Hours ill Get Headache Sorry Again ;S
Any Way i Wanted To Show You a Closed Eyes Toutrail :D


Step 1: Take off and let the smaller size as the picture, 
or if you prefer as the size of the eye of the dummy and do the same in the other eye
Step 2: Take the long feather and leave it in black and the next size of the image 
and place it under the Blue Feather (forming the eyelashes) and do the same thing in the other eye
Step 3: Take over a pen and let her in the same size as above, only turn it a little further down
Step 4: Finally get the kind of penalty from the previous step to close down the space that has feathers.
Final Results