Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some announcements!

Hello my dear readers :)
I believe that most of you have already heard the sad news ..... Mandy is no more the owner of the blog :( We all gonna miss her!!! 
And since she asked me to be the new owner I don't want to let her down! I want that blog to keep active, popular, fun and useful! And I also want to make this plog as interesting and as useful, for you my dear reader, as possible!!!
And to make this I've thought about a really cool idea ;)

So.... at the moment I'm looking for people for the following occupations/jobs:

1. A graphic designer- If you are good at Photoshop so this job is for you! As a graphic desgner you'll have to make different graphics or covers for Magazins for the blog. 
Here are some examplses of graphics (they were made by other bloggers):

Stardoll Graphics 

2. An advertiser- this job is very simple! All you have to do is to advertise our blog everywhere you want! You'll have to tell everyone to visit and follow this blog, and in such a way we will make this blog more active!

3. Video maker- here you will have to make videos about stardoll... maybe some tutorials (see example here:
You can do tutorials for make-up, hair, clothes, jewlwry or anything you want :) 

As for now that's all... but soon I'm goona add some new cool jobs for you guys ;)

I You'll be a member of our team your stardoll name with a link to your medoll will be shown in the side bar of the blog and many other cool things :)))

To apply for one of these jobs you have to fill this-
# Your stardoll nickname:
 # Your real name (You don't have to tell it if you don't want ^^):
# Your age (You don't have to tell it if you don't want ^^):
# What job I would like to apply for:
# Why would you like to apply for thisjob:
# Your sills and talants (for example: You can work with Photoshop, you can make good videos or tutorials and other talants...)
# What is your English level (beginner, native....):
# Have you been a writer in another blog before?
# Something elese that you want to add:

You can apply for more than one occupation! 

Love you all...


Anonymous said...

#Your stardoll nickname: MG286
#Your real name: Leon
# Your age:15
# What job I would like to apply for: Number 1 or 2
# Why would you like to apply for this job: I'm writing for another blog and I makes fun to help other people and give them some help f.e. in make up :)
# Your sills and talants: I'm good with Gimp(my opinion) ,so I can do graphics.And I think I'm good in make up :D
# What is your English level: I'm in the 10th grade now and I learn English until the third grade :)
# Have you been a writer in another blog before?: Yes...I am writer for and i made banners and headers for
# Something elese that you want to add: watch my youtube channel MG286 or look at my graphic blog

patush11 said...

Dear MG286,
I will send you a message on stardoll and we'll discuss everything :)

rayray1828 said...

Hello my name is epiphany but my stardoll name is rayray1828 and i am 15 years old.i would love to be the video maker.I have some stardoll makeup videos done an english natibe but i know a little spanish and im learning korean.I was a writer for a club in stardoll made like a fashion leanring more photoshop skills but im good with make up and video editing.i really hope i get this job it sounds awesome!

patush11 said...

Dear Epiphany,
I have sent you a guestbook comment :)
I would like to see some of your videos ^^

In Game User: cendrina2000 said...

Hello =)
I've won first place in the Thanksgiving contest (canadian). :)
I'm only 12 y-o but I did better than all adults and teens that were also participating... =) Mom was so proud lol

To win, you had to say what you are thankful for. The 12 nicest comments received 100 SD and 3 day ss.

It's not the first time I win a writing contest. I win a lot of those. When I was younger, it was for Moshi Monster and Club Penguin! ;D

So I'd just want to write one article in your paper, to explain people the tricks to win.

My user: cendrina2000
((I'm Kidsafe Member, sorry))

My email:

My proof:

Thank you very much =)