Thursday, December 31, 2009


So..starplaza is currently well updated by stardoll, here you got the latest news:

Finally, the 2nd floor of Decade of The Teens is out! I already posted about new items I spotted in the new section!-----------------------------------------
A new floor of Starplaza Archive is also out! Some information about the stuff:Faith Hill dress: was actually 15sd, now it's 16sd
R&B Diva Award dress and R&B Diva MTV dress: As I can tell that, the dresses were really RARE, the people paid amounts of stardollars to get them. (am I right? Can someone tell me if that's correct?)
VOILE Skirt: Old Hot Buys from December 2007 (New Year Hot Buys)
picture via TSI


For a short time, ANTIDOTE boots were available in starplaza! They also appeared in an antidote box in your suite when you bought them. But people told, that after some time, the box changed into a normal starplaza bag and the boots disappeared from starplaza.

Thanks to QuikGirl31 for the tip.

Take a look:
picture via TSI

People suppose that the new spoilers are Antidote now! If you wanna have a look, check my last post with the spoilers.

Love Bella


Quik said...

Yeah - they don't say antidote anymore and the box turned into a regular shop box.

I've noticed something else......
If you search " red shoes " there is 2 pairs for non ss. They are 10sd and not found anywhere. They are on the 3rd page ( last 2 pairs ).
Red Carpet Style. If you look at the tag - it shows a store or something that we don't have - I can't make out what it says.


Quik said...

Search " Blue shoes " the Antidote boots are there.

Quik said...

Red carpet shoes are gone now - hopefully some of you got them : )

I bought 1 pair on my non ss account.