Monday, December 28, 2009

Kidding me, Stardoll?

Ha ha ha, good joke Stardoll!
When I found the mail in my mail account, I thought: 'Cool! A HB dress for 6 sd! Maybe they are nice and want to give us a little Christmas discount...?'

Would be nice, right?
Whatever, there is no Christmas disount or something (my imagination ...), the dress costs 18 sd, 12 (!!) more than announced.
Really weird.

xx Bella


Avril14140 said...


Quik said...

I just sent them a message regarding this false advertising. I too got that email, but didn't realise the price!!! Again - i have to say - WOW!! Stardoll never stops amazing me with their bad tactics!

I believe everybody who bought the Architectural dress, is owed 12sd!

**Heres hoping!

I'll let ya know how they respond.
Thanks so much for this post!!

~ QuikGirl31 ~

thewhiterose said...

i hate this thing all supr str can have me no my only problem that i dont have a visa card and the othere doesnt work in add me the whiterose no spaces

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