Monday, December 28, 2009


I just have one word to say: W-O-W!

I'm so speechless at the moment and I could cry that you guys did all this for me. ;)

I want to thank you all for your congratulations, the nice poem (QuikGirl31, you exceed yourself each time more ;D)
and the awesome blog post that lovely misspitt wrote for me. (who I don't know since a very long time, but she's great and has a big heart).

I'm very sorry that I can't thank every single one, but I wanted to highlight those people for the amazing ideas. ;)

Thank you guys for all the nice guestbook comments and messages I received from you ♥

You all make my day brighter ♥

With endless Love and so many many kisses ;)

Yours Bella ♥


Anonymous said...

OMG thanks... U are very sweet and great 2
:-D hope U like it... because you deserves it:-D


Quik said...

Just always know that your truly a special Diva! in my eyes and i'm certain ALOT of others as well : )

You're like shelter
From life’s frequent storm,
Like a comfortable blanket
that we use to keep us snug and warm.

You’re a light in the window
When everything’s dark,
You’re a trip to the circus,
A romp in the park.

Like a bright, sunny summer,
You're a joy without end
And I’m so very privileged
To call you my friend.

Sisterly {{{ HUGS }}} & Friendship Kisses.

~ QuikGirl31 ~