Wednesday, December 30, 2009

FREE Decade Of The Teens T-Shirt + Moxie Skirt

So..remember this black shirt I posted in the spoilers about a week ago?
You can get it for FREE now!

Go there:

You don't need a proxy!

Type something in one of the boxes, then you get the information:
'We left a present in your suite' or something like that ;)

Thanks so much to thewhiterose for the tip!


This is a Moxie Skirt that also appeared in the spoilers. Wanna get it for free? FOLLOW THE STEPS!

1. Use or

2. Type in the URL Bar:

3. Log in, wait a few, then close the window.

VoilĂ ! It'll appear in your suite!

Love Bella


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your welcome love u !!