Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to use a manual proxy

So..many girls ask me, how to use it, so I decided to post how to do it. (not because I'm enerved of your questions ;D)

I will give u any pictures of course, but at the moment i dont really get what my paint is doin ;)

At first, here is only the explanation in words:


1. Go in your internet explorer to 'Extras'
2. Click on 'Internet Options'.
3. Go to 'Connections'
4. Click on LAN Settings.
5. On the bottom of this window you see a case (in which u can tick) called 'Proxy Server'

--> In the case 'Adress' type in the adress (for example and then you type in the case 'Port' the Port (for example 3128).


1. Go to 'Tools'.
2. Click on 'Options'.
3. Go to 'advanced'.
4. Click on 'Network'
5. Go to 'Settings'.
6. Click on 'Manual proxy'.

Now you only have to type in the proxy and the port and youre done!!

Hope i helped you :)

xo Nathalie


Anonymous said...

Wait.... where is the 'extras' thing in internet explorer?

Anonymous said...

yeah i know this was posted a long time ago but what about if you are usin google chrome???