Friday, August 21, 2009

Moxie Girls are rocking Starplaza!

So here's a Moxie Girls Shop in starplaza!!

If you don't see this shop in your starplaza (like me), follow these staps to get the clothes although:


-trousers and blue

-dresses and orange

-skirts and blue

-foot wear and white ... and so on

just click on what it is (e.g. a dress, trousers) and then the color (e.g. white, red, blue ...) and then search this.

Really hope it works for you!!!

xo Nathalie


Lady-Gaga.. said...

Hey this Webpage is really cool ! (;

MiiLeY__CyRuS said...

thank you so much!!
we try to do our best ;)
xo Nathalie ♥

Anonymous said...

thats the best blog really

Footwear said...

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