Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free Perfume & Bracelet!

A few of you may know the first perfume from Avril Lavigne called 'Black Star'

Now this perfume & a very nice bracelet are available for FREE at stardoll.

Follow the instructions:

1. Change your manual proxy in and Port 80

UPDATE: You can also use the manual proxy + Port 80 or just use

2. Go to

3. Join the club - now you got the perfume

4. Go down and on the right there is a case in which you have to invite one person (no matter who). So now you got the bracelet too!!

P.S. There are clothes available on starplaza too (there's even an own shop!!)
You can use the same proxy to go there.

If you dont want to use a proxy, you can get all clothes in your dressingroom (not for FREE!!) by clicking,20981,20980,20984,20985,20986,20987,20988,20989,20990,20991,20992,20993,20994


xo Nathalie


Anonymous said...

They never was free...

mariaisabelfan said...

OMG Thank you so much!You are the best!

frenchtoast1 said...

That club doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Can you like give me a new manual proxy?

MiiLeY__CyRuS said...

i updated the post with an other manual proxy and a normal proxy:
Use + Port 80 or just use

Have fun with the things!

@mariaisabelfan: thank you soo much this means a world to me ;)
huge kiss

xo Nathalie

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Anonymous said...

if i clicking i go in my dressing room but there aren;t the clothes over there

Anonymous said...

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