Monday, January 18, 2010

Show me your wardrobe: Rules to request

So...I'm really impressed and surprised of the many requests I received in this short time. But I get them in the weirdest ways, so I have to make some rules for requesting.

1. You can write the requests in the comment box of all 'Show me your wardrobe' posts.

I won't look in every comment box of every article to find your requests.

2. You can write the requests in my Stardoll Guestbook.

Click HERE to get to it.

I won't accept requests anymore that are written to me via Chat Box or in a Private Message. You also don't need to try to request me via Album or Starblog comments, I'll delete them.

3. This is what your request MUST contain:

• your stardoll name
• if you wanna have a make-up or not
• what style you wanna have

NOTE: I always create 3 outfits and one make-up. The outfits are usually casual, sporty, elegant. If you wanna have , e.g. 3 rock outfits, you must tell me it in the request, otherwise I do it as I always do!

Please don't think that I'm a mean person or something now, I just need to 'rearrange' it a little bit, cause otherwise I would loose my orientation in the amount of requests that I currently get.

Thank you so much for requesting, I'm so overwhelmed that so many people did this. ;)

Love Bella

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mariaisabelfan said...

:D Everything need to be organised in blogs :p