Monday, January 18, 2010

Show me your wardrobe: More Stylings

More 3 Stylings. Today's sunday, so I have more time, but next week, I will make the stylings slowlier than now.
Avril182, you wanted to have rock/chic, so here you go.
1st look is a rock style. I like the t-shirt and the distressed jeans, and the leather jacket totally fits.
2nd look is kinda like Avril Lavigne, with this plaid skirt. I used a boyfriend blazer to it and accented the waist.
3rd look is a chic look. The long top with the leggings gets more rock with the Hot Buys vest (I use it totally often :D) and the studded bracelets.
Make-up is little different. I gave you shorter hair and maked up smokey yes, cause they always go.

RockChick171717, I dressed you because your friend (?) FairyLoveGirl told me to do.
1st look is a layering look from a jumper and this top. The tie breaks the style.
2nd look is more elegant, but still with a rock twist. The blouse looks 'tidy', the leather gives the coolness.
3rd look is a glamourous look. I just layered 2 Holiday Boutique dresses to make it more exciting.
Make-Up is just some smokey eyes. But I cut you a bob, I think it's beautiful.

odiliana1, for you it was a little more difficult cause you have many free clothes which are often very specific.
1st look is a little bit glamourous. The top is with sparkle shoulders, I like it.
2nd look is a casual outfit. Skinny jeans, cardigan and black top are totally basic, but the sparkle shoes make the outfit interesting.
3rd look is more classic. The swinging skirt looks sweet with the basic tube top. The panel brings the accent.
Make-up is almost the same, I just used curls and a cute necklace.

Hope you like the looks!

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Love Bella


Avril182 said...

Thank you very much!!!
You've done a great work!

FairyBeliever ♥ said...

Thx for doing my friend she says thx too!

liana said...

hey its odiliana1 here,
i loved the disigns you gave me
and i know ive got alot free stuff cuase i dont actually like spending my stardollers
once again thnx