Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 new SS Hairstyles

6 new Hairstyles arrived today, I really liked the middle one in the right row, so I became SS and putted it on ;)
As you can see, they are only for Superstars, and I think it becomes more and more unfair.
SS are allowed to do anything they want to, and non-ss can almost do anything.
The split between Superstars and Non-Superstars becomes even bigger and bigger.
How long do you wanna do that Stardoll?

Aren't we allowed to sign in if we are not becoming SS someday?
Many stuff to think about.
Love Bella


Avril14140 said...

I love them!

vaydan98 said...

Me too!!!! But I do agree that SSs are getting more and more stuff. It's mean because most people aren't allowed or don't have enough money to play as a SS. =( I am also wondering when they will stop.

thewhiterose said...

ok i love stardoll but wtf i cant do anything i got only 4 sd i am so mad and i cant even sign in the comps

thewhiterose ....

Anonymous said...

well ss do pay money so i think its fair they should get extra stuff it does only cost £2.50 on ur mobile phone 4 ss so its not 2 expensive.