Thursday, January 21, 2010

1SD a day has come back to Stardoll :D

Hey soo I have good news!!1SD day has come back to Stardoll!You take in only if you play the Play&Earn games!
Take a look at the rules of Play&Earn:

-Earn up to 5 Stardollars per day by playing the games.

- The first Stardollar you earn can be used immediately or saved for later.

-The other 4 Stardollars MUST be used the same day, so spend them as soon as you’re done playing!

After all complaints to Stardoll they understood that this 1 sd is a necessity but it would have been much better if you didn't have to play the games and take it automitacally like before!

P.S.In 2-3 days the results of competition!You can still vote here(click on here to be taken in the poll)


Anonymous said...

Yeah Im so happy!

pretty said...

well it means that we've still got 5 sd per day, but 1 is gonna stay for next day.

first good decision from stardoll . :)

Quik said...

We are actually losing money!! and people don't realize it. This is from " UnderneathStarDoll "

They say that the MAX we can gain now is 50 stardollars Every Month!!
Lets do the math!!!

On a typical month of 30 days we used to make if we played every day 30x5=150 stardollars
So we used to gain 150 stardollars every month.

Now, you can only gain 50 stardollars every month....which means that you don't get to play and earn every day but only (50/5) 10 days of each month if the play and earn games stopped giving you because you have already played 10 days this month!!!

To sum up, we used to make 150sd every month but we had to spend them the same day
Now you can gain 50 sd every month.....
so you gain actually 100 stardollars less than before ....and from those 50
you can actually save ONLY 10 sd per month ....hahaha.... i don't know what to do with all that money.....and with 4 sd (for only 10 days of each month)
you can't buy much it is good that you can save up!!...but lets be realistic.... 10 stardollars per month?..and 100 stardollars less?...they took back more than what they gave .....STARDOLL is a joke!!!

UPDATE:To answer some things we see in your comments (some were pointed out on a rude anonymous comment that we deleted but was right in a way)

1.Since this thing hasn't happen yet to anyone hasn't even been ten days....and they propably chose to release it on the last 10 days of January so that we don't understand it right away....cause then the month is changed and we get the ten days from February...but you'll see in February after having played 10 days( choose)...then you will get to "play and earn money again" on March

2.They do not mean you can save up to 50 stardollars....that's impossible...a month has only 30 days....they mean you can get up to is a limit!!!

~ QuikGirl31 ~