Saturday, January 2, 2010

Justin Bieber Doll in Stardoll!

Hello Stardoll News&Tips fans!This is my first post in 2010!!
First I wish you a happy new year :D!
Sorry for not writing,I was in vacation!(Great time) :p

Anyway for all of you.=, Justin Bieber fans,the moment you had been waiting for has come!Justin Bieber is in Stardoll!

Unfortunately it is only for Superstars(once again)but you can be patient if you are non-ss and dress him up in a while!

Personally Im not a Justin's fan :p(Sorry guys)

Here are some random pictures!


Avril14140 said...

I`m not such fan neither..but...I think he is cute..
But I don`t like his doll on SD..

Anonymous said...

Actually, me & my friend started a petition to get a Justin Bieber doll on Stardoll & it worked!! It was actually me & my friend who got Stardoll to make a Justin Bieber doll! :)

Bella said...

To be honest, I don't really like him.

LauraDaniels said...

Justin Bieber is the most gorgeous person alive! He's so talented and hot and really sweet and down-to-earth. He's so amazing! Dont you just wanna kiss him?! :) ha ha...i do! xxxx

Anonymous said...

i think he is amazing ...i luv him so much...but i dnt like his stardoll...he looks alot hotter in real life i luv his sxc voice

Anonymous said...

i also think he is hotter in real life but a doll is okay a little;D