Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chinese Stardoll has more feautures!

Hi!You probably have heard of the Chinese Stardoll!If you dont then click this link:

So I went today to the site and I found out that it has more feautures and one more store! OMG!(I translated the site to English via Google)

If you notice there is a feauture called forum!You can see it in the 2 pictures below!

They have one more store with old clothes in high prices!

Isnt this so unfair?I mean chinese stardoll has only 1 million members and has more feautures and stores!

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Anonymous said...

it is unfair! it still has LE and antidote being sold

lipgloss_babe91 said...

I think there clothes are more expensive because they get more stardollars for there money =]

I think its so it reflects the Chinese currency more accurately =] x

Sthella said...


Monica-Lea said...

when I try and register it says error_unknown when I fill in my password, can u help?

Anonymous said...

plz someone help me, i want to registrate in chinees stardoll, but i dont know what to write in 4th blank , plz help me

Anonymous said...


camille.lovee said...

please help me! i cant figure out how to get $ on here. please contact my normal stardoll.

Anonymous said...

it just says IT WORKS!

Adeline said...

I went to the website and it just said, on a white screen, "It works!". Well obviously it DOESN'T WORK!!!! This is bullshit.