Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stardoll Admins strange answer: - /

Heey all:-D
A week ago I wrote to Stardoll Admin to get answers to this:
How can some members get 57,491 points to the Play & Earn Games?
This is star dolls response to it: - /
Hi misspitt,
thanks for getting in touch with us.

We regularly release new campaigns on the site with new possibilities for all users to get free Stardollars in many different ways. The 1 Stardollar per day campaign is now over, but you can get 5 Stardollars per day with the play & Earn games. Also, we have created an entire new section in The Stardoll Magazine dedicated especially to contests, where it’s possible to win up to 250 Stardollars! Many of these contests will be targeted only to your own country which means you will have a greater chance of winning!

Yours Truly,
The Stardoll Staff
PS Do NOT reveal your password to anyone
Do NOT change your email address for false promises of free Stardollars. Scams do NOT work on Stardoll.

You wrote:
Heey Stardoll:-D

How can some members get 57.491 points at the Play&Earn Games?
PLZZZ help me:-D
Comment plzz ...
Hehe ... the fun is that it is the same response they sent to me as when I wrote to them about 1SD (Sorry I deleted the first answer ... but I am sure that it is the same .. 100%)


loalro85 said...

True, it is exactly the same answer, I sent a message when they removed the daily 1sd and they told me the same thing to you. He had thought about them the same question that you did them, but finding what you're responding has nothing to do with your question is not whether to do it. The fact that this score is very suspicious because it gives you time to make as many points ... stardoll that we will lie with those scores??? Well, very good the blog recently that I follow him, but I like it. my name is loalro85 and I'm from Argentina.

1888o5wq said...

i got that reply when i left a message about new hairstyles

Avril14140 said...

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Avril14140 said...

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