Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm back! + Competition!

Hey! Sorry for the long break! I was busy at school,etc. and I didn't have time to post here or make a new video on Youtube.

And because it was very silent on this blog, I will make a Competition! It's 800 Readers Raffle!!!

But we haven't reached 800 Readers yet!

 So invite your friends,advertise  in Guestbook,on Facebook,etc. to follow this Blog. After we reached 800 Readers, you can comment the post,in which I will tell you that we reached 800 readers,with your Stardoll name. And then it's time to cross fingers!

But what can we win?

The winner of the 800 Readers Raffle can choose if she/he wants 100 SD or 3 Rares/Hot Buys! And the 800th Reader gets a little gift too :)

Is there a deadline?

The winner will be announced on March, 30th. So you guys have to 42 Readers until the 16th March. Then you got one week to apply for the raffle.

So are you ready to do this? 

Ready, Set, GO!!


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