Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hello again! So tomorrow I am leaving on vacations for a few weeks but every day I will come here write and take care of the CONTEST. Don't worry ;)

I'm going to a beautiful city named Lisbon :D I'm taking a lot of photos and every day, if you want, I can show you the pictures (: 
I'm returning on the 2nd of September :) 

Are you going on vacations too? To where ;) ? Tell me. Just remember! Have much fun has you can and enjoy the summer! Oh! And do you want for me to show the photos every day? Feel free to comment :)



Anonymous said...

This is not a site about you its about stardoll. Putting your pictures is a stupid idea. No offense

OrangeAnnax said...

I didnt go on vacation this summer >.<

circca10 said...

Anonymous - It's not but I want to show my trip with all my friends in here!

patush11 said...

Cool!!! Have fun :D
A believe that it would be ok if you put a photo or two... you know just to add something cool and original to the club :)

patush11 said...


circca10 said...

Thanks Patush :)

morgan-doll said...

Going to Canada after Eid at my Uncle`s house :)