Saturday, August 18, 2012

I have no title for this post lol XD

Hey girls :D
As you know, Mandy, the ownerof the blog, went on a vocation.
She asked me to be the owner of the blog for a while.
I really want to keep this blog fun, active and entertaining for you, my dear readers!
I will think about a cool competition for you guys, but until than, feel free to leave a cooment in which you will tell me what would you like me to do in the blog (which contests and things like that).

And I will also be really glad to hear all your questions, whether you are a writer in this blog or just a faithful reader! So ask me anything and I will try to do my job in the best way I can :)

Love you all


circca10 said...

I think you could make a contest when you put a piece and who participates should just make an outfit with that piece :) Then you could make a poll ;)

OrangeAnnax said...

^ I had the same idea :D

patush11 said...

Cool Idea :D
I'll think abot it :D

morgan-doll said...


circca10 said...

Great (: With this way we could have two contests at the same time, that would make the blog more active :D

patush11 said...

Yep :D