Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some information about the new ss doll - Depina Vandi!

As you ay have already read , there is a new ss doll which is called Despina Vandi.
She is a greek singer !
Some things about her:
Despina Vandi  born as Despina Malea in 1969 is a Greek singer. Born inTübingen near StuttgartWest Germany, Vandi's family returned to Kavala, Greece when she was six years old. She enrolled at the University of Thessaloniki, but eventually dropped out to begin a career in music. After moving to Athens in the early 1990s, Vandi signed with Minos EMI and released two albums Gela Mou (Smile at me )(1994) and Esena Perimeno  (I'm waiting for you)(1996). She then began an exclusive collaboration with songwriter/producer Phoebus and struck commercial success with her third album,Deka Endoles (1997), followed by the multi-platinum Profities (1999), 
She has sold iver one million albums in Greece! 
I like her songs! She is good!

And some songs of her:

Thta's all!
What do you think?
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IreneKatsadima1 said...

omg she is my favourite singer ever!!! WE LOVE Δέσποινα Βανδή!!!

Sandra said...

Yes of course!
For ever Δεσποινα ;)