Tuesday, March 27, 2012

R.I.P Brán you won't be forgotten

Brán was my Dad's sister's dog, He was my Granny's before she died it was the only proper thing that felt like it was Granny there with her. He was put down just now. He wasn't even my dog but he felt like it. He was very old and in alot of pain but I didn't want to let go. R.I.P Brán, I love you like the dog I never had♥  

Aisling x


circca10 said...

I am soo sorry for your lost honey. I didn't knew Brán but I am sure that he was a cute dog. Sorry again R.I.P. Brán.

Mandy said...

Aww,Im Soo Sorry For You :(
R.I.P Brán </3

element5 said...

Im so sorry for lost the dog :S
R.I.P Brán

Sandra said...

I've lost a cat too .. I know it hurts so much. ://
R.I.P ://