Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stardoll App?

Helloo fabolous fashion ladies iit's Gucci_Girl16
I hope all of you feels good. In the last week I thought about a Stardoll App.
The most of all people have a Smartphone like an Iphone. Apple has Apps everybody know that.
And there are a lot of different Apps to Download & a Stardoll App would be perfect for every girl who loves playing Stardoll.

Maybe the App Icon could look like this:

What you think about it and about the idea?

xoxo Gucci_Girl16


skittle911 said...

I suggest that to stardoll but they won't seem to awnser me! I hope they do cause when im on my iphone i can't really see whats going on on the screen beacuse it dosn't support flash

Anonymous said...

That would be cool. But if there was one it would probably cost knowing how sd likes to charge a lot for ss membership ...

mariaisabelfan said...

Yeahh I agree with Emma but it would be so cool <3

Anonymous said...

that would be awesome!! we should start a groope on facebook!