Saturday, September 4, 2010

What has happened to the Alexander McQueen dress we were promised?!

Do you remember the survey I was writing about, the one for that Stardoll promised us a very special dress for free?

If you don't, click -->HERE<-- to read the article again.

Anyway, we never got it. (I didn't! I don't think that you did, don't you?)

So I'm really mad because of that:
We gave our time and lots of private information for this survey, and we got...NOTHING!

I was sick of it, so I wrote to Stardoll today:

"Dear Stardoll Staff,
there's one thing I'm wondering about. On August 10, 2010, I received a message from Stardoll. In it, I was promised a Alexander McQueen inspired dress if I take a survey that might take a little more time. As I was told, I filled in my real Stardoll name in the last gap. But in my suite was no dress. I was talking to other users about that, and their problem was the same. It said we would get it in a few days. But we didn't. So now I'm quite angry about that.

So I'm asking you: Why didn't we get the promised dress, though we were giving much time & privat sphere (!!) for this survey?

xx Nathalie

I'm curious to know what they will write back :)

If you also wanna write a letter to Stardoll (also if you have other questions), click -->HERE<-- to get to the Help Site.

xoxo N.

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