Friday, September 3, 2010

2 Years of Stardoll Membership :)

So today is a "big day" for me as a Stardoll member: On September 3, 2008, MiiLeY__CyRuS was created by ...ME!! :D
About Stardoll
So it's 2 years today & it's quite historic when I look back to the things I've experienced on Stardoll:
I've found a german friend, who is now also a very special person in REAL life to me...I advanced my style for sure....I could hide myself on Stardoll for like 2 months when my real world was just completely falling apart....
You might say I'm crazy, but I never regretted to have joined Stardoll & I never thought leaving it.
About Blogging
Since March 2009 (since this blog exists), I read Stardoll News&Tips (my 1st stardoll blog :D), and when mariaisabelfan needed a writer because she wanted to go on vacation during the summer, I took the chance, created a Google account and started writing here :)
I've always loved helping people, and through the blog I was able to come in touch with many stardoll users who are interested in the same things.
During the first months, I blogged like crazy. I wrote about free things, Previews, created Stardoll make-ups and stylings.....made a help section and more..

Now I don't do that anymore, 1st because the time to do all this is simply missing & 2nd because we have new writers (especially xoxo-pink-xoxo) who barely make me jobless ;)

When I have the time, I'm trying to bring the real life into this blog...
Catwalks, animals like Paul The Pulpo (you remember?)...:)

About the future
I will stay a member of Stardoll and I will keep on blogging if possible (I only stop if mariaisabelfan kicks me out:D).

History of banners
My very first banner, created with Paint & white gaps in it :)
One of the next banners: Extreme Twilight Obsession (really extreme Twilight Obsession!)
The Christmas Banner: boring, but I looove that dress (still!) :)

One of my favorites: I loved the dress at first sight, and I think I've used the banner for a very long time...
The help section: Miss Sixty Jacket & beige Top. Loved it & loved helping you.

That was is actually :)

I've just been in the mood for writing a nice article :D

Have a nice day!!

xxx Yours Nathalie

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