Friday, August 13, 2010

How Fugly is it?

Morning everyone, how are you?

Today in our Fub or Fab Section: naTii995
I actually don't think that we have to talk about whether it's fugly or fabulous, it's visible, right? But I was just shocked and I had to show you this ^_^
Print pullover, print leggings, orange hair, lip piercing ...I mean come on girl!

BUT we can decide HOW fugly it is :D


Have a very nice day everyone ♥

xoxo N.


Stardolls secrets said...

Its her own unique style let her be I mean you can not call some one fugly because the way the dress i think she looks fine comparted to recent winners of the cat walk

OMGitsxNath said...

@Stardoll Secrets
I think this is your opinion. I'm sure that not everybody will say 'beautiful' when he/she sees me and my style. It always depends on what he/she wears personally, no emo girl will say 'wow' when she sees a business woman. I appreciate that you told me your opinion, and I surely understand your point, but there are also other opinions out there.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw an outfit like that on this magazine.. Style or sumffin like that! :D
I actually like it.. :)