Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ask me anything you want to !!

Hey everyone!

there's totally NOTHING on Stardoll goin on right now, and so I thought I give you the possibility to ask me what you've always wanted to know .:)

It can be something personal, or something about Stardoll, or whatever ...just what comes into your mind :)

I'm looking forward to your questions :)

xxx N.


somey-1 said...

you shold have your own blog!!
you are so active in this blog and it is not your's so make your own blog!! you cold be so famouse ^__^

OMGitsxNath said...

Thank you very much sweetie:)
Hear you saying that means a lot to me!! But you know, I have vacation right now, so nothing else to do ^_^ ...and you can blog better if you know that there's someone like xoxo-pink-xoxo (incredible Mandy) who can keep the blog active when you aren't able to. I love this blog and I dont think I quit it only if the owner kicks me out ;)
And if I make my blog anytime (i'm sure I'll do), then probably not about Stardoll, then about my own life :)
xxx Nathalie