Friday, January 15, 2010

Show me your wardrobe: 1st 3 Stylings

So, here you got the first three restylings.

Cloe (ashley1michelle), you got many black clothes, but surprisely also innocent, white stuff ;).
The 1st look is french inspired, with the hat and the shirt.
The 2nd look is in Glunge-Look, which means Glamour and Grunge together. I used sequins, but also leather and distressed jeans.
The 3rd look is the total difference, it's so innocent. I thought it's a nice contrast.
The make-up is something totally different, I think blond hair looks good on you, but I gave you smokey eyes because I didn't want it to see to girly.

BTW your MKA clothes collection is really big! I'm impressed!

missnatasa79, you're a totally luxury and glamourous girl ;). Your suite is really beautiful (by the way), and because of that I tried to give each of your looks a luxury touch.
The 1st look is kinda sporty, I used jeans jacket and red pants, and high heels :)
The 2nd look is totally glamourous, with faux fur jacket and drapings.
The 3rd look is a little brighter than the other ones, and for the clue, I used studded accessoires.
The make-up is glamourous, with the earrings, and I used a 'tidy hairstyle' ;), because that fits you best.

i.rox.xoxo, you're a total average girl on Stardoll, and that's good! You were worried that you're not ss, but you don't have to be! You got many basics which are the perfect foundation for lots fo cool looks.
The 1st look is a very stylish one, with this cool belt and the bag, the outfit looks directly more interesting.
The 2nd look is a sporty look, the converse, the shorts, the scarf...Nice!
The 3rd look is glamourous, and because the dress is already really sparkling, I only added some accessoires to underline that.
The make-up is a little different, cause you don't have things like mascara or eyeshadow, so I only gave you a new hair and accessoires.

I hope you like the looks!!

If you like, comment!

To all others: I'm doing the stylings as fast as I can. I'm trying to do them in every free minute I have (which are not really many at the moment), so I can't guarantee for the time I need to make them.
I surely need a few days to make all them.
Please understand that. Thanks ♥

Love Bella


mariaisabelfan said...

wow the looks are amazing!great job!

Cloe said...

Thx a lot it really helped me and I so adore the 3rd look as i m going with it.

Thank u,I worked really hard collecting it:)♥


Anonymous said...

I love It :D
By: Sweety-Tini4ka

Anonymous said...

tnx Bella