Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tokio Hotel!!!!

Heey all stardoll fans:-D

There is a new club in Stardoll:-D it is a Tokio Hotel Club:-D When you join you got a free gift... hmmm ... I do not know what it is ... (I'm not a Tokio Hotel fan, sorry) I think it's for decoration ...

This is the link:


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Anonymous said...

:-D thanks for U comment:-D


Bella said...

I hate TOKIO HOTEL so much. I'm from Germany (they are from there as you know), and many girls are screaming 'Oh Bill, I love you'.

He is so damn ugly, really!
I can't believe how you can like them!

Sorry, but it's the truth for me.

xx Bella

Szilvie said...


Hm... people's opinions of beauty vary. I find Bill really attractive in a mysterious, adrogynous way. Then again, I find most celebrities that are labeled 'hot' very average looking, ie. The Jonas Brothers, Rob Pattison, etc. At least Bill is nothing remotely close to average looking. ((AND he's got musical talent... they've got amazing songs btw. Check out World Behind my Wall.)) I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I find it refreshing when somebody steps out of the media's comfort zone. I think the look works very well for Bill Kaulitz, and I doubt he cares that a few people think that he is 'damn ugly', such as you, ms. Bella. I think his style suits him very well, he looks great.

Just sayin'.

Bella said...


I didn't want to say that Bill's look doesn't fit him or anything, and maybe it was kinda hard from me to use words like 'damn ugly'. But you know, when everybody screams that and you read it in every magazine, then you have one point where you just freak out. That's no excuse for sure. I guess we should let that be: You're a Tokio Hotel fan (including Bill), and I have Twilight with my (for me adorable) Rob Pattinson.

xx Bella