Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Tiara

Go to
Copy and paste this in blank box:
Log in,answer on few questions and click on submit..
Go to your suite and it`s there!

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Anonymous said...

OMG thanks:-D

Anonymous said...

It's a head band

The pink tree is awesome!!

To get a free Head Band ...if you are from UK go HERE ...if you are not from UK go to
copy and paste this into the blank box... and hit enter
LOG in answer the 4 questions submit...and it will be in your suite

...thanx to whiitn3ynichols....

Free Christmas Tree - Moxie Bag - Black Star Bracelet
If you are from the US you have already got the Tree click HERE and HERE to get the Moxie Bag and the Black Star Bracelet

For people not from US go to into the blank box copy and paste this
hit enter ...log in and now erase the previous link from the proxy's url(top of the screen and cope and paste this one:

close the window and go to stardoll as usual...they will be in your suite...