Friday, December 11, 2009

More answers

So, I received two more questions yesterday, and here you got the answers (as best as I could):

1. Why can I only save club sceneries? asked by shey10

Well, this time, I must confess, that I don't know how I can help you. The next thing I would have suggested would have been, that you should contact stardoll, but you already did, so that's not an option. I am really sorry this time.

2. What's the difference between trading and selling? asked by muaaaaaa

Well, the main difference between trading and selling is, that when you trade, you could say you change clothes. You sell something for 2 sd, the person you trade with buys it, then she sells something for 2 sd and you buy it.
So you didn't lose any money, you sold for 2 sd and you paid 2 sd. So you have 'changed clothes'.

In selling only one person sells (for a high price!) and the other person buys. No 2 sd, no changing. If you want to know how they can sell clothes for high prices like 350 sd or more, look at 'How to sell things for more than 60 sd?'

Hope this could help you, girls.

If you didn't understand something, don't be shy and write a comment or in my gb.

xx Bella


Anonymous said...

Hey how do you overlap fonts in your presentation? and how do u get different fonts to the ones available? When I tried the background by highlighting each line, they came out wonky:( plz help

(kakshababla my stardoll user)

Gold said...


I am wondering, how do I get alot of star points?
Im Chocolategurll